Finding a place with a really good burger might be difficult, especially when they are served in almost each restaurant. We have visited some that are known especially for their burgers and picked those for you which tasted the best to us.  Enjoy!

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This place is one of the newest we have discovered just recently. Roxor Brgr focuses solely on beef burgers and provides delicious beef variations to its visitors. The main cook is the owner himself which is a guarantee of quality. He explained to us that the meat comes from an eco farm in Záhorie (neighborhood of Bratislava) and he processes it straight on the spot. We could not wait to have a bite!

Being a group of 5, we wanted to do a proper „check“ of the burgers so we ordered pretty much almost everything on the menu – and all of us were praising the food to heavens! The beef was truly excellent – even our American friend confirmed and that’s already something :) We all agreed that the amount of cheese was just appropriate and the burgers were of a perfect size – not too big and not too small, so you can eat your portion with hands as well. The buns were extremely tasty and we also found out the reason behind – the nearby bakery (by the owner’s sister!) bakes them and consist of butter, flour, milk and salt only. Always freshly delivered from the oven.

With the burger, there are 2 kinds of chips you can ask for with 2 different sauces and 3 chilli sauces that complement the meat. The menu gets changed once a year for now but they keep the most popular burgers on it.

Have you heard of a punk burger? If not, just ask the owner about it – or about anything else – and he’ll be happy to talk to you :) So, do we recommend this place to you? Definitely – some of us were leaving with a statement of having found their new most favorite burger place :) Plus, the ambiance here is laid-back and the service was super quick, which was a slight surprise, given we were a bigger group. Your turn to give it a try!



ADDRESS: Vysoká 28
OPEN: Check their FB


How does 14 kinds of home-made burgers sound to you? It did very well to us, that’s why we went to check out the place and stayed very positively surprised by what we got on our place. Because, first impression you might get from seeing the place itself might be a bit tricky – this small place is part of the big TESCO/MY store at the Kamenne Sq., close to many street food stands. And it thus looks like an ordinary fast food spot. But don’t be discouraged because once you try their burgers, you’ll thank yourself for stopping by and will be back again for sure. Those on special diet will like to hear that they have gluten-free rolls as well!

PRICE OF THE BURGER: 6,50 – 8,50 € single burgers, 10,50 € combos (3 burgers)
Kamenné námestie 1A
OPEN: check their Facebook page


Burgers in Piccola (or actually Minerva which is the official name of the restaurant) have become „famous“ in Bratislava quite quickly, since the restaurant started to offer them as a take-away meal for less money than the usual deal you pay when you order it as a whole meal sitting down in the restaurant. And of course, they taste great! You can choose from 3 take-away burger variations: a standard, cheese or special burger (that is cheese plus bacon). The burgers are juicy and tasty, we enjoyed each piece a lot. If you decide to eat at the restaurant, the burger menu offers much more options.

Burger enjoyment at Piccola

When ordering a take-away, you get it with no side dish. They include it only in case you sit down in the restaurant or its outside terrace. You have an option to select fried chips or a salad. Ladies, we do not recommend the salad – they serve the coleslaw one which we think kills the taste of the meat utterly. And you came for a burger, right? The good thing about this place is that it is open until quite late (Fridays & Saturdays are the best – midnight!) – great news for all the party people!

PRICE OF THE BURGER: Take-away 3,50 – 4,50 € (no side dish option); Sit-in 5,90 – 7 € (side dish included)
Michalská 3
OPEN: Check their FB


This live music club, besides rock concerts and drinks, has a kitchen as well, and its snack menu includes a so-called “RockStar Juicy Lucy Burger” – a 500 g portion of deliciousness. Look forward to eating a home-baked roll with beef, cheddar, crunchy bacon, nachos, salad and pickled cucumber, all this topped with an onion & chilli chutney. The burger itself is already huge, so if you eat the big portion of French fries as well, you are going to need to do some sport afterwards :) Did we mention their coleslaw is some of the best we have eaten? Definitely stop here if you are around!

The whole place is designed in the thematic style of British rock stars, with posters and signs of rock legends hanging around, and there is a stage in the restaurant part as well. Depending on the time of your visit, you might be lucky to listen to some live music as a bonus :)

PRICE OF THE BURGER: 8,50 € (fries and coleslaw included)
ADDRESS: Námestie 1. mája 14
OPEN: Check their FB



We wanted to check this place out since we heard a lot of positive feedback and adjectives like „the best burger in town.“ It was tasty, however not juicy enough for us – somebody else might disagree, we know, it is a matter of taste. Some of our friends would not go to another place than this for a burger experience. We would recommend to try it out and make your own opinion as it is apparently the place of the burger people – and we felt like we had to list it here :)

Regal Burger serves meat in a freshly baked bread and home made sauce

There are four branches of Regal Burger in Bratislava. They all serve only burgers and have built the brand on 3 following things. The meat they use is 100 % beef and comes from a small Slovak farm near Bratislava. Then there is the fresh bread that they bake daily and finally they have come up with a special home-made barbeque sauce. Worth of trying out, don’t you think? By the way, they have also a vegetarian version – instead of beef, you can have aubergine inside.

Welcome to the Regal Burger :)

PRICE OF THE BURGER: 6 – 8 € (no side dish but you can order chips)
Palackého 4 + Eurovea + Fresh Market at Roznavska 1 + Hurbanovo namestie 6 (rooftop)
OPEN: depends on the location, please check their Facebook page


Be About is a burger restaurant. Their American cuisine offers also tortillas, sandwiches, burritos and salads, but is popular mainly because of its home-made burgers. The fact that they have 15+ burgers on their menu speaks for itself – and they serve each of them with home slaw, fresh tomatoes, red onion, pickles, fries, onion rings and a home-made dipping sauce. You can choose whether you want your burger with beef, pork or chicken meat. The one on the picture displays a burger with cheddar, crispy bacon and egg. The whole portion is so big that if you are not starving when coming here, you can split it with a friend and still be pretty full :)

Burger in Be About

This restaurant is very spacious. It has a lot of seats available so don’t  worry about getting a table once you walk in.

Be About - interior

PRICE OF THE BURGER: 4,99 € – 8,69 €
ADDRESS: Prešernova 4
OPEN: Check their FB

Needless to say, there are places which do not necessarily specialize in burgers but have one or two on the menu as well. We definitely like the Pulled Pork Burger (14 hours roasted pork shoulder, mildly spicy mayonnaise with smoked peppers and creamy apple coleslaw) in Urban Bistro. We also like the Savage Garden Burger in Savage Garden Restaurant. It is a beef burger with caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, tomato, pickle and BBQ sauce. Dobrú chuť! :)


(source: Urban Bistro)

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  1. Vety tasty burgers are in Elephant dinner and Breweria in shopping centre Slimák… and Stryko Burger (Uncle Burger) is very tasty tooo 😊

  2. Yum! Your post made me salivate! I love burgers myself, and it’s good that you provided some information on where to find the best burgers in Bratislava. I like that one of the burger joints actually offer the 3 takeaway burger variations which consist of a standard, cheese or special burger. This could probably be the specialty of the house. I’m actually going on vacation to Bratislava in a couple of months, and I would make sure to visit one of these burger joints to check out their burgers. Thanks for sharing this.

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