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There are more than a few places in Bratislava that make cocktails much more impressive than just a Mojito or a Piña Colada. We had a chance to step into the scientific and magical world of mixologists and got intoxicated not only by delicious mixed drinks, but also by ambiance, décor and professionalism of the brew masters. So just take our advice and stick to the best cocktail places in Bratislava by using our simple guide. What they all have in common is drinks that will blow your mind!

Lobby Lounge Grand Hotel River Park, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bratislava

What’s the vibe?

Relaxed but professional, high-class without feeling snobbish. Stunningly balanced cocktails with original inventions without too much showing off. Ideal for an international audience.

What to expect?

Lobby Lounge of Grand Hotel River Park is truly a bar used to host international guests. The premises are furnished in a casual and contemporary style with soft lounge music in the background, ideal for starting your night with a specialty cocktail before heading to the city center. The menu contains 16 specialty cocktails. You can also ask for a drink outside of the menu and if the ingredients are on stock, they will fulfill your wish! Mocktails are also an option.

What did we try?

Our bartender of the evening, charming and classy Samuel Kožík, has chosen a kick-ass combination of drinks for a perfect and enjoyable evening. He took preparation of our cocktails as form of art and the result was stunning.

The first choice was Pressburg Sour, the hotel’s signature cocktail with Slovak juniper berries brandy borovička.

The second cocktail we tried was “cocktail of the month”, Portugal’s Cale Sidecar.

The third choice was The Last cocktail – ideal to close the night and say goodbye. Pears and cloves were most striking ingredients we tasted.

We also tested the option to have something mixed based on our wish and were rewarded with the Old Fashioned Twist with tremendous Zacapa rum, served in a stylish crystal glass with elegant huge ice ball.

Best cocktail places Riverpark Lounge Bar

Special tip: Good brands of vintage alcohol and home-made cordials. Open until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays, otherwise until 1 am.

cost PRICE RANGE: 7 – 12,50 €
my-account ADDRESS: Dvorakovo nabrezie 6
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook

Michalska Cocktail Room

What’s the vibe?

Prohibition babe with a tasteful infusion of twenty-first-century cool.

What to expect?

Have you found it yet? Nope, didn’t think so. Hidden in a wardrobe of a popular hipster bistro, you have to make an effort to find it in order to deserve a treat of a delicious cocktail (or two). With the reference to the period of prohibition of 20’s and 30’s in the USA, the place wants to remind us of New York or Chicago when you entered the bar through a barber’s shop or a phone booth. So why not a closet next to the toilets?

Best cocktail places Michalska Cocktail Room

This is a place where the magic of mixology happens, creating tailored cocktails of the freshest ingredients and innovation. The cocktail menu follows seasons and they change it gradually. It contains only own concepts or less known recipes.

On the menu, you can find cocktails that will please a massive consumer with tasty, exceptional but not ostentatious flavours, however also those which do not fit everyone, being highly specific (made with smoke whiskey or Mexican Mezcal). So relax and experience some liquor laced satisfaction in this Bratislava’s under the radar cocktail bar.

What did we try?

We were hosted by two main bartenders, Lukáš Korček and Nikol Zalovičová. Finally a lady in this job! Both were very talkative, friendly and super skilled.

Nikol prepared us her favourite A Thin Line Between Love & Hate, with rhubarb and rosehip foam and garnished with flowers. The name implies two elements – a bitter and a sweet one.

Best cocktail places Michalska Cocktail Room   Best cocktail places Michalska Cocktail Room

Lukas prepared us audience’s popular Gingerbread Punch with Appleton.

Special tip: The bar is situated on the top floor of a bistro on Michalska street. If in doubt, ask about the Secret bar and be sent into a wardrobe. Don’t be surprised by the service of finding you a table by the bartenders. Booking possible only until 7.30 pm, take your chances afterwards.

cost PRICE RANGE: 7 – 9 €
my-account ADDRESS: Michalska 5
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook

Sky Bar

What’s the vibe?

A real bartenders’ bar – everyone should try it out, from accountants to zookeepers. Because even if you have no knowledge of the cocktail culture, you will recognize when some of the most imaginative cocktails in town are served! Playful and entertaining, the experience in the Sky Bar is about the customer from the beginning until the end. And an amazing view is an extra bonus.

What to expect?

There are actually three bars under one roof – Sky Bar, Lemontree and The Rum Club. Sky Bar is on the 7th floor and offers a magnificent 360-degree view on the Old Town. On top of being a cocktail bar, it serves delicious Thai cuisine dishes, too.

Sky Bar prides itself on the expression of mixology, taking the cocktail as a form of art and looking into its history to develop their craft and design signature cocktails on the menu. It is vodka-oriented predominantly, offering over 70 different kinds of vodka and doing vodka tastings. Apart from vodka based cocktails, they serve aslo “Sky signatures” – cocktails with base alcohol other than vodka.

What did we try?

Our barman was charming, confident and professional Tony Velich who took it for his mission to offer us something special, untraditional and mind-blowing.

Best cocktail places Tony Velich, Sky Bar

The first drink we were recommended was Charles & Duck served in an actual bathtub!

Best cocktail places Tony Velich, Sky Bar

Best cocktail places Charles & Duck served in an actual bathtub

The second drink that we tried is suitable (not only) for the male audience – Jamaican Kaya Ritual Sour.

Best cocktail places Jamaican Kaya Ritual Sour

Special tip: If we feel like not experimenting, we love to have Espresso Martini here. Our favorite choice is also vodka-lychee cocktail, so yummy! If you want to try something non-alco and still inspiring, try their healthy drink served in red paprika.

cost PRICE RANGE: 6 – 9 €
my-account ADDRESS: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 7
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook

UFO watch.taste.groove

What’s the vibe?

Explorer’s curiosity fulfilled thanks to experimental drinks with a local twist. For the cocktail worshippers, UFO feels like a sacred ground. You will be simply wowed – and not just because of the delicious taste but also due to creative serving in the most unimaginable way. And mind the stunning view!

What to expect?

UFO is an experience on its own. Situated in a flying saucer-shaped folly at the top of the bridge pylon, reaching it by the elevator placed in one of its askew arms. The concept is local – ingredients in the drinks are available within Central Europe and many of base alcohols are regional, too.

UFO is well versed in the art of manipulating unusual serving ways to create drinks that are ultimately original and stylish. It takes them longer to come up with type of a glass or dish the drink will be served in than to develop the drink itself.

What did we try?

Our bartender was Matúš Kolenčík who together with Michal Majerský, the author of the cocktails, prepared a selection of three drinks out of their menu.

We started with an aperitif called Tamarind Gimlet, served with dry ice.

As second drink, we tried Simply Borovi-tsch-ka, with Slovak juniper berries alcohol borovička.

The third drink was our absolute favorite Up to the smoke with a distinct candy pink color. This is how we imagine pink color would taste.

Best cocktail places Matúš Kolenčík, UFO

Special tip: Do not forget to go up to the observation deck to enjoy the 360-degree view. When the UFO shakes, no worries, it is not falling apart, it is just cars going through the bridge :)

cost PRICE RANGE: 8 – 11 €
my-account ADDRESS: Most SNP
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook

Primi Michalska

What’s the vibe?

A multi-concept place – a restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine, a bar with a beautiful interior where you can enjoy an early quiet drink in a laid back atmosphere, and a spirited nightlife popular spot during the weekends where people come to savor modern cocktails and party till the morning hours.

What to expect?

It is conveniently located on Michalska street in the very city center and attracts people also for its two floors with different kinds of music and DJs as well as a huge garden terrace which is always packed. This buzzing, chic place specializes in drinks built around the most popular spirits. Besides others, there are 35 cocktails on the menu. Their magic lies in high quality ingredients which are homemade. Syrups, fresh fruit and squeezed juices, even the ice-cream is prepared by the personnel on the spot.

There are two other Primis in the city as well – enjoy the view on the Danube river and the beautiful lively promenade in its Eurovea branch or relax  in the pleasant atmosphere that is provided in the Primi, Polus shopping mall.

What did we try?

Our bartender was Tomáš Majdan and his first recommendation was the Bumble Bee drink inspired by a character from the Transformers movie.

Best cocktail places Bumble Bee

The second cocktail we tried was the Breakfast Martini. They served it with a piece of toast with marmalade.

Special tip: we recommend to enjoy the garden terrace (especially in the summer time). If you want to make sure to have a place to sit in the evenings, we suggest you make a reservation, mainly for Friday and Saturday evenings, as Primi gets very popular.

cost PRICE RANGE:  4 – 8 €
my-account ADDRESS: Michalska 19
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook


What’s the vibe?

Take your drinks date to Rio and you won’t fail to impress – you’ll find mixmasters here that will make some of the finest cocktail concoctions in town. Each of the 14 fabulous cocktails served at this party-time bar comes with a story to tell, and the bartenders will be happy to reveal those to you. You’ll spot that there’s real dedication evident in every sip!

What to expect?

Are you hungry for even more information? Browse through the first pages of Rio’s drinks menu to learn where the recipe for making vodka comes from, when Italians started to make Sambuca, when the first borovička (juniper brandy) distillery in Slovakia was founded and some other interesting historical facts related to alcohol :)

Rio is also popular for its fresh fish and steaks served on lava stones, more than 100 kinds of wine and almost an endless list of spirits that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Coming here for a drink is an experience. A café, a restaurant and a night club – Rio is a synonym of a gastronomic experience, great food and entertainment.

What did we try?

The always friendly bartender Filip Rebroš welcomed us with a huge smile and his dearest recommendation – the Smoked Fashioned cocktail. This drink was served in a coffin smoked with cinnamon smoke. The serving ceremony will impress all the participants of the show for sure :)

Second drink’s name was Light Up which is an upgrade of a popular mojito. They served it in a light bulb!

The third cocktail we tried in Rio was actually something between a cocktail and a dessert. Its name is Hemingway Oyster, a variation of a daiquiri cocktail and they serve it as an alcoholic Russian ice cream.

Best cocktail places Rio Filip Rebroš

Special tip:  Rio has a tasting menu offering sampling of luxurious gins, rums, whiskeys and cognacs. If you are a fan of cigars, try the cigar lounge with leather sofas, a humidor and a large selection of whiskeys and cognacs.

cost PRICE RANGE:  all cocktails 7,49 €
my-account ADDRESS: Hviezdoslavovo square 15
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook

Outlook Bar Lindner Hotel

What’s the vibe?

A perfectly balanced blend of sweet, sour, savoury, aromatic and bitter flavours, delivered in an untraditional but not too daring way with a full view on Bratislava.

Best cocktail places outlook bar

What to expect?

Situated on the 13th floor of the Lindner hotel, Outlook bar offers you a full Bratislava view from a different angle. It is outside of the Old Town but still conveniently located at the important public transportation point of Trnavske Myto.

The Outlook Bar likes to play with local spirits and combine them with unexpected ingredients. You can find the most popular Slovak liquors on the menu– the pear spirit Hruškovica or the Czech herb-based Becherovka. Almost all of the cocktails are from own production. They change the menu three times a year. The bartenders are very professional and treat you with respect and friendliness.

What did we try?

Our most favorite drink in Lindner is definitely My Mom’s Favorite, with handful of roasted almond petals.

This time, Peter Harvan, Outlook’s main bartender, recommended us the following selection. Cherry on the top floor opened our experience with a special serving story – cocktail cherries dripped with tabasco sauce have to be eaten first, then comes the drink itself.

For the second drink we were recommended the Smoked Chocolate Old Fashioned with adult flavors of smoked bacon water and served with dark chocolate and an orange slice. Be ready to wait 12 minutes for this particular drink due to the thorough stirring procedure.

 Best cocktail places Smoked Chocolate Old Fashioned Lindner Outlook Bar

Best cocktail places Smoked Chocolate Old Fashioned Lindner Outlook Bar

We finished  our trial with the green Apple Melon Martini. 

Special tip: Enjoy the wasabi nuts and other small salty treats served with a drink. Once you start, you cannot stop. The Outlook bar on the 13th floor is open only between 11th September and 30th June.

cost PRICE RANGE:  7,50– 8 €
my-account ADDRESS: Metodova 4
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook

The Cuba Libre Rum & Cigar House

What’s the vibe?

If you are looking for heartbreakingly delicious cocktails or want to savor your favorite dose of rum, in surroundings designed for talking rather than shouting, you’ve come to the right place.

What to expect?

Cuba Libre is one of Bratislava’s classic bars, and justly famous for the presentation of rums and rum-based cocktails. Make yourself comfortable in a leather chair and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of this rum and cigar house that offers more than 130 types of rums from around the world and over 60 kinds of rolled cigars.

What did we try?

There are four friendly bartenders that you can meet in Cuba Libre. Lukáš Káčer, a silver winner of the Czecho-Slovak competition in the Venezuelan rum Diplomatico (2013), hosted us and prepared three delicious drinks for us.

Our afternoon started with tasting Jamdung which is actually a Jamaican slang word that refers to Jamaica.

The second cocktail we tried was Belleza de Verano – those who speak Spanish will understand that it means “summer beauty.”

We also gave a shot to a so-called “perfect serve.” Perfect serve stands for pairing spirits with a fitting snack that can develop and strengthen the flavor of the drink, or create a new, unique taste resulting from this combination.

Special tip: If you consider yourself a real rum-lover, you might find interesting that there are two membership types which you can purchase. Both silver and golden membership provide a 20 % discount on all rums and cigars as well as access to the biggest rum database in Slovakia With the latter one you can also rent a rum cabinet where you can display your own bottle, will be able to attend all rum workshops, presentations and tastings organized by Cuba Libre, and will get a bottle of Dictador 20 YO.

cost PRICE RANGE: 5,90 – 7,50 €
my-account ADDRESS: Laurinska 11
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook

Nu Spirit Bar

What’s the vibe?

Youthful and hedonistic – basically exactly what you’d expect from a place with an alternative music scene and community of open minded young generation that strives for more than just mainstream.

What to expect?

There are two Nu Spirits in Bratislava – a bigger Nu Spirit Club and a smaller Nu Spirit Bar. You can get delicious and original cocktails at both of them. We took our chances in the Nu Spirit Bar this time.

You’ll find here an Asia-inspired space with Buddha paintings and statues, oriental lamps and dim lights making an intimate cocktail lounge atmosphere. While sipping your drink, enjoy great music of various styles ranging from soul through Jamaican selections to deep and tech house.

What did we try?

Nu Spirit Bar has an interesting cocktail menu full of funny names like Lime in the Coconut or June Bug. On top of this, their bartenders can make you customized drinks. It depends on the particular bartender and how busy the place is to experiment with mixing. We were lucky to meet charismatic and relaxed Tomáš Takáč, Nu Spirit’s main bartender, who is already 6 years in the mixing business.

Best cocktail places Nu Spirit Bar

The philosophy is to follow the season with ingredients used for cocktails, like fresh fruits and herbs in the summer.

We tried the delicious Mai Tai cocktail served to us with a twist – a pineapple infused rum in a short drink version without a juice.

Best cocktail places Nu Spirit Bar

You can also go for a non-alcoholic drink. We tried one with fresh strawberries, grapefruit and soda. Surprisingly, it was quite refreshing and not too sweet!

Special tip: They run aperitivo on Fridays; you can start off your week with the special Sangria Mondays (sangria free of charge for all the ladies). On other days you can get something small to bite to accompany your drink. A smoking-friendly environment.

cost PRICE RANGE: 4 – 5,50 €
my-account ADDRESS: Medena 16
finished-work CONNECT: Facebook

 Which place would you recommend? Let us know in the comment section!

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