Bratislava is very easily accessible by bus from many countries. Prague, Vienna and also Budapest are very well connected with this city. The trip from Prague takes about 5 hours, from Vienna you can get here in something over 1 hour and it takes a bit less than 3 hours from Budapest. The city’s main bus terminal – “Autobusová stanica at Mlynské Nivy” – is located only 2 km from the Old Town.

In October 2017, the old bus station was demolished and they started to build a completely new one. We have a temporary terminal few steps away, on Bottova Street at the moment.

Main bus station in Bratislava


Public transportation

If you don’t want to spend a lot, use public transport to move around the city. Trolleybus number 212 leaves from outside the station and runs from around 5am in the morning until 11pm. You can also take the trolleybus number 202 from the same stop, running similarly from approximately 5am until almost 11pm. You can buy a ticket either in the newsagents inside the main hall or outside in the ticket machine right at the bus stop.

  • buy a 15-minute non-through ticket (0,70 €)
  • get on the trolleybus number 212 (towards „ŽST Železná studienka“) or number 202 (towards „Nemocnica sv. Michala“)
  • take 4 stops (8 minutes ride with 212) to the center ot two stops (3 minutes with 202)
  • get off on the stop called „Hodžovo námestie“ (look for the Presidential palace) with 212 or on the stop called “Nemocnica sv. Michala” (look for My Bratislava Tesco store)


If you take a taxi, it will cost you around 4 – 5 € to get to the city center (“Hodžovo námestie”). When you get off at this spot, you will find yourself right in front of the presidential palace. From there, you can walk to the Old Town in a few minutes. Remember you need to dial the taxi service, do not take the car waiting in front of the station. They charge more. Some of the taxi services we use are Taxi Gold (+421 904 682 222), Taxi Happy (+421 902 222 333) or Taxi Taxi (+421 216 077).

The transit system is really easy to use. You can find more info about the public transportation and ticket prices here.

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