Do you want to hide from the rest of the world and still stay in the city center? Fúz might be the right place for you! It is rarely crowded despite its great location. A cute little spot in the heart of the Old Town with some of the best baguettes and salads. And compared to many other cafes, it has personnel who we have not seen without a smile so far.


Fúz is really easy to find. Its home is Ventúrska street, one of the busiest streets of our Old Town. It is opposite the coffee place Mondieu.

Fúz - the outdoor terrace


Fúz is not the biggest cafe you have seen, still it is a destination for those who appreciate nice food and nice service. Furnished with dark wooden tables along a long bar, at the first glance it looks like nothing ordinary. But go to the back part and you will see that is something different.

Fuz Cafe - interior

That part is our favorite one to sit at. It looks like a small living room with a wall full of books, lamps and different gadgets. And of course, a big sofa!

The back part of Fúz looks like a small living room :)

From here, you feel like being „hidden“ from the rest of the place, and can have some privacy. The sofa is situated right by a big window so you also have a great view on the busy street.

Fúz - interior   Fúz - interior


Fúz offers many types of baguettes and you can choose a wholegrain bread with all the versions as well. The left picture displays a Chaplin baguette with goat cheese, mixed salad, coriander, almonds and pear slices. Even though we are not the biggest fan of baguettes, we must say this one tastes really amazing. Those who prefer salads will be able to choose from some interesting options as well. We really like their light goat cheese salad with almonds and grapefruit.

The Chaplin baguette with goat cheese, mixed salad, coriander, almonds and pear slices   The goat cheese salad with almonds and grapefruit

If you are looking for a place to have something sweet, Fúz might be the right choice, too. You can pick desserts like a Belgian chocolate cake, a Mozart ball, a Nutella cake or many others, or just go with a fit carrot cake. Now those of you who have done some browsing through this website might already know that carrot cakes are our weakness. That’s why we must truly admit that this one did not make it to our list of the best carrot cakes in Bratislava. A fit carrot cake is not a real carrot cake, sadly.

The fit carrot cake in Fúz   You can choose among the most various desserts in Fúz

If you are a morning person, you can stop at Fúz for breaky as well. Their breakfast menu consists of croissants with honey and butter or with bacon, Frankfurt sausages and a cereal fit bowl with fruit. Our favorite one is the cereal bowl – with white yogurt, musli, grapes and oranges. So refreshing! What we really appreciate is that even though they usually serve it with milk, they were happy to replace the milk with yogurt when we asked them for it.

Cereal fit bowl with fruit

You can also have one of their amazing home-made spreads with wholegrain bread, as they are served all day long. You can choose from five individual types or order a set of any three spreads for a special price. On the picture you can see a „bryndzová“ one (our traditional Slovak cheese), an olive tapenade with goat cheese and „oškvarková“ which is made of greaves – we know it does not sound appealing but it tastes really good. Besides these three, there is also a thai spread with red lentils and coriander, and a tuna spread. It is quite a rich portion so you will be also pretty fine having it for lunch.

Fúz has some delicious home-made spreads on its menu   Frankfurt sausages

Despite the food being rather tasty, we don’t like the drinks here so much. Talking about the coffee and their lemonades now. Tried their coffee more times but we have not changed our mind. We guess you need to try it to tell as one of our friends for example has a different opinion on that (and you can have your cup with soya milk as well). But he agrees that the lemonades have no specific flavor even if you have a bunch of lemons and herbs in the glass. We like to stick with pure water when we eat here. Or have a glass of wine – they have a very long list of wines – and you can order some draught beer, too.

The coffee in Fúz   The lemonades in Fúz

As an overall experience, Fúz is a nice choice. It has a perfect location, a pleasant ambience (we like that it is not very crowded) and a very very very friendly personnel. One thing to remember before coming here is that they accept cash only.

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