Where shall you have your gelato in Bratislava? Which places are those that don’t just sell ice cream but are visited and praised because of it? We are revealing our top and only spots which we go to when we feel like having one or more scoops of that amazing treat.


This ice cream place claims to have the best Italian „gelato“ in town, offering purely gluten-free „bio“ ice cream. Thumbs up for that. A big praise goes also to the wide selection of flavors – and the fact they change the flavors each day, announcing the daily offer on their Facebook page. The ice cream itself is very tasty, thick and rich in taste. Interesting to know is that the owner is a young Slovak lady – a graduate from a real Gelato University in Italy :)

Koun   Bio ice cream in Koun

Koun used to be situated in the historical center – in a small closed yard with older balconies and flowers – so you really felt like somewhere in Italy :) It moved in August 2016 to a new address, still in the city center. It is the first place we know about to serve brioches as well (very typical for Sicily mainly – and very tasty!). You can also have fruit sorbets or bio lemonades. One thing to mention here is that there is always a huge line of people waiting for their scoop so you’ll most probably need to wait to get your treat – it is however worth it :) Bon appetit!

Koun   Koun

PRICE: 1,50 €/scoop
ADDRESS: Paulinyho 1
OPEN: TUE-THU 11:00-20:00, FRI-SAT 11:00-21:00, SUN 11:00 – 20:00, MON closed


An ideal stop for a scoop of delicious ice cream when taking a walk along the Danube river or when you want to give your little ones some fun time playing around – WooW Toys not only has amazing ice cream, it is also a toy store, a milk bar and a children’s playground. If you like fruit flavors, we definitely recommend to try the mango, raspberry, lemon and forest berries ones. We also became fans of their marzipan ice cream. So good!

   Ice cream - WooW Toys   A great place to go for an ice cream when you want to take a walk along the Danube

You can find their milk bar with the ice cream (and some cakes!) at the entrance of the toy store. The whole place is decorated with colorful garniture, flowers and toys – indeed a paradise for children :) If the weather is nice outside, you can refresh yourself at their outdoor terrace and watch your kids playing in the playground near to it. We recommend to visit WooW Toys whenever you feel like having a nice walk and treating yourself – it is less than 10 minutes walk from the UFO bridge.

The milk bar   The outdoor terrace

PRICE: 0,80 €/scoop
ADDRESS: River Park, Dvorakovo nabrezie 3
OPEN: MON-SUN 09:00 – 19:00


Luculus patisserie is known mainly for its ice cream, then goes the coffee and the desserts. It is located at the Hviezdoslav’s square in the city center so most of the times there is a long queue of people waiting to get their sweet treat.

Ice cream at Luculus   Ice cream at Luculus

The owner of this place has been mentioned in the book of Slovak records after he managed to put 150 scoops of ice cream on one single cone.

Luculus patisserie at Hviezdoslav's square  Luculus

PRICE: 1,20 €/scoop (1,50 € for vegan one)
ADDRESS: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 25
OPEN: MON-SUN 09:00 – 00:00


Mondieu offers only healthy vegan ice cream prepared by confectioners known under the name Veganista, coming from Vienna. Each scoop includes ingredients of the highest quality and you will not find here any regular milk or eggs. The base for all the flavors is soya, oats, rice or coconut milk. Try the traditional tastes or be surprised by something special. You can choose from 9 flavors: cookies, brownie, strawberry agave, raspberry, peanut butter, chocolate, walnut, coconut and blueberry-lavender – the last one being our favorite so far :)

Mondieu   Mondieu

Mondieu has 4 branches in Bratislava but the ice cream is available only in 2 of them – Mondieu Laurinská (city center) and Mondieu Bory Mall (shopping center in Lamač neighborhood).

Mondieu Laurinska   Mondieu Laurinska
(Source: Mondieu Facebook, Kavickari)

PRICE: 1,90 €/scoop
ADDRESS: Laurinska 4, Bory Mall
OPEN: check this webpage for open hours of all locations


In this very special restaurant, you can have home-made sorbets prepared from fruit that is grown locally (with an exception of exotic fruit). The flavors they offer are raspberry, lime, mango, watermelon, pear or blackberry, and there are always 3 on the menu to pick from. All sorbets are gluten-free and lactose-free. Our absolutely favorite one is mango.


This place with its Cuban music, Hawaiian style and own small Tiki beach is a small holiday paradise only a few minutes ride from the city center and will enrich your stay in our city the way you would not expect it. It is located at one of the 3 lakes a few kilometres away from the Bratislava centre, a part called Dunajská Lužná. The lakes are named Košariská. It should definitely be on your wishlist once you are in Bratislava, especially in summer!

DSC02091   DSC02122

PRICE: : 1,40 €/scoop
ADDRESS: Nové Košariská 3224, Dunajská Lužná
OPEN: Restaurant daily 12:00 – 24:00 (usually reservation is needed)


The Cremeria Milano mark, which this place represents in Slovakia as a holder of the trademark, is a symbol of the highest quality in the ice cream world. That means that you will enjoy this ice cream if you like rich tastes and finely mixed ingredients – they use only fresh ingredients and that is why you can be sure that strawberry ice cream is really made of strawberries, cottage cheese ice cream is made of cottage cheese, etc. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? :) At Cafe Cafe, you can choose from milk ice creams or fruit ice creams (sorbets), and it will not be easy – they offer 32 different flavors!

550690_334345389970291_628322900_n   1470043_853957621342396_437939535736539149_n

Cafe Cafe is conveniently located in the Eurovea shopping mall (the building with the Cinema City and McDonald’s) – and has a beautiful terrace in summer.

11043097_839186902819468_1099641617638341216_o   1273128_533653283372833_1646284136_o
(Source: Cafe Cafe Facebook)

PRICE: 1,20 €/scoop
ADDRESS: Eurovea shopping mall
OPEN: MON-THU 09:00-22:00, FRI-SAT 09:00-23:00, SUN 09:00-21:00


If you feel like having something unique from the ice-cream category, then definitely go for these wonderful fruity popsickles. Their natural taste full of fruits with refreshing and energizing effect will bring you pleasure from the very first moment.

Marinela - mango bar and raspberry heart

Marinela is a tiny gelato place close to the Blumental church. It makes its customers smile with originally shaped popsickles and gives them their daily fruity boost. Only the fruits account for the richness of colours, with no artificial flavours added. The suppliers of the ingredients are carefully chosen and the owners, a likeable couple who graduaded from a Gelato University in Bologna, follow the latest gelato trends by attending international fairs.

 Marinela   Marinela

You can choose from different shapes and sizes. Our favourites were mango and raspberry popsickle but you can also have a grapefruit, strawberry, coconut, kiwi or a peach one. Each day you can leave a vote for the fruit of your preference and the one with the winning number of votes will definitely be on the menu the next day.

PRICE: 0,49 – 1,89 € depending on size
ADDRESS: Blumentálska 6
OPEN: MON- SUN 11:00-19:00


This Italian cafe states they produce the ice cream according to Italian traditions. This means that whole milk, white cane sugar and honey are the main ingredients added to give ice cream its intense flavor. No chemical powders, just raw ingredients. That’s exactly what you can taste and why the taste is indeed very good.

Ice cream at the Greentree cafe

In addition, Green Tree is an absolutely wonderful place to sit at with your peer or just to read a book. If you decide to try it out, make sure you check also its ground floor out!

The outdoor terrace of Greentree cafe   The cosy interior of Greentree cafe

PRICE: 1,00/scoop
ADDRESS: Ventúrska 20, Štúrova 4, Obchodná 29, Vajnorská 100 (Polus City Center)
OPEN: MON-THU 08:00-20:30, FRI 08:00 – 21:00, SAT 09:00-21:00, SUN 9:00 – 20:30 (Ventúrska str.) – for other locations check this webpage

So what do you say, what is the best place for an ice cream in Bratislava?
Whichever place you choose to visit from these, you surely will like what you get – enjoy!

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  • Jakub Vozár

    I’d also recommend Gelateria da Claudia in Ružinov, right next to the Štrkovec lake. Great icecream and with the price of 0,7€/scoop also reasonable choice :)

  • WelcomeToBratislava

    Hi Alec, yes i know about that place in Eurovea and plan to include it here as well, thanks!

    Luculus has been on the market for a very long time, before Koun or other mentioned places were founded, and it used to be the most popular place for ice cream. It is true that I don’t choose it as my first option when I feel like having something sweet but I know people that still like it and as it has a great location and you probably can’t miss it at the Hviezdoslav’s square, I think it can be helpful to have it included. Still better than some of the many synthetic ice cream places you are mentioning :)

  • You missed the one at Eurovea (beside Marks and Spencers). Real Italian style, with delicious creamy ice cream. The service goes up and down. The most attractive ice cream girl is usually scowling but most of the others are nice. The coffee is excellent as well.

    I’d say this cafe makes ice cream just a bit better than Koun (and my office is opposite Koun). Certainly beats standing in line for twenty minutes or half an hour.

    I’m looking forward to trying Woow. I’m surprised at your positive review of Lucullus as it seems to me they are making the powdered standard ice cream that all the second rate vendors in Bratislava use (there must be some franchise on crap ice cream here as until the cafe at Eurovea showed up, there was only horrible synthetic ice cream in this town).

  • WelcomeToBratislava

    Hi Irina, thanks for the tip, I will go and check it out :)

  • Irina Petrova

    Actually, i think the best one can be found outside the Old Town. Check it out and let me know if you agree :)
    Here is the link to it: