Wanna feel the „Aloha spirit“? This place with its Cuban music, Hawaiian style and own small Tiki beach is the spot to try then! A small holiday paradise only a few minutes ride from the city center will enrich your stay in our city the way you would not expect it. You probably thought you wouldn’t need a swimsuit when in Bratislava – well, you’re wrong. Check out this place and think again! :)

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Mango restaurant is located at one of the 3 lakes a few kilometres away from the Bratislava centre, a part called Dunajská Lužná. The lakes’ names are Košariská. You can get there within 25 minutes by bus or train either from the main train station or the main bus station (be ready to walk approximately 2,5 km through the village if coming by bus). The final stop’s name is: Dunajská Lužná, Nové Košariská. You can check the exact timings here (English version available as well).

Once you arrive to the final destination, you will need to look for the „Malé Košariská“, or just ask about the Mango restaurant. The entrance is through a parking lot. To enter the restaurant, take the left path. Go downstairs, passing a brown sailing boat. The Tiki beach and bar are on the right side, as the the sign next to the surf shows.

Entrance to the Mango restaurant and the Tiki beach   This staircase leads to the Mango restaurant

When taking the staircase, the beach will be by your right side. You can see it is a smaller one and gets quite popular, that’s why they charge a few euros entrance fee.


Anyway, let’s go back to the restaurant. The staircase will lead you to a terrace in a Hawaiian-style which offers a beautiful view on the lake itself.


The restaurant's terrace is in a Hawaiian-style   View from the terrace

There is an outside terrace which looks like a small island where you can sit as well. We recommend to book it in advance, otherwise it will be most probably full when you arrive.

The back part of the restaurant has some more tables to offer to its hungry customers :) Cuban music is played all over the place, so you really feel like on a summer holiday.

The back part of the restaurant   The back part of the restaurant

What we also like about this place is the detailed decorations. From the big chest full of shells which welcomes you at the front door, to the small bill-case which looks like made somewhere at the seaside. Perfectly premeditated.


Cocktaiiiils! You’ll surely not regret that! Try also the soft drink „Super Conga“ which comes in a cute wooden cup is a blend of orange juice, pineapple juice and mango syrup. When you open the menu, you will be able to choose beverages with exotic names such as Puka-Puka, Tiki-Coco or Hula Hula :) Oh and their lemonades are great, too.

The menu is full of cocktails with exotic names and looks :)   Their lemonades are full of fruit and very refreshing.

The selection of meals is quite wide. From meat, fish, salads, risottos and pastas, there is something for everybody. Before each main meal, you will automatically get an appetizer – an olive tapenade with bread rolls. If you like taking a soup before your main dish, you can have a traditional bean soup, a chicken broth or a fish soup. They come with slices of bread.

We can recommend the Caesar salad and the salad with prosciutto, cheese and yellow melon. Great for hot summer days! If you prefer fish in your salad, go for the Pak choi salad with salmon and scampi.

The selection of meals is quite wide   Salad with prosciutto, cheese and yellow melon


This grilled trout from their own fish farm and roasted salmon fillet with in a banana leave and couscous are also scrupmtious,

Grilled trout    Roasted salmon fillet with in a banana leave

just like the grilled salmon fillet with Béarnaise sauce and the pork tenderloin filled with goose liver.

Grilled salmon fillet with Béarnaise sauce    Pork tenderloin filled with goose liver

So far we have not had a meal which would not taste good :)

IMG_8747   IMG_8753

If you feel like having something sweet, we highly recommend to try their sorbets – they are all home-made and simply fantastic! We also are fans of creme brulees – the one here comes with pickled pears and ice cream and tastes after cinnamon :)

Done with eating? Direction Tiki beach! :) One thing to remember is that there is a limited number of deck-chairs. You won’t be let in in case they are all taken. Unfortunately no reservation of the deck-chairs is possible so you should come in the very morning to make sure you have a place to occupy (the beach is open from 10 am). There is a very small chance you will get in in the afternoon on a hot summer day.

The Tiki beach   The Tiki beach

The Tiki beach   The Tiki beach


There’s some good news though – right next to the Tiki beach, there is another one called Wellness beach which we think is even nicer and more importantly, bigger :) You can enjoy the sun and swimming for 7,50 €.

Wellness beach Kosariska   Wellness beach Kosariska


By the way.. there are two more lakes just a few minutes walk from here, also called Košariská, those are with free entrance – if you want to change the scenes. And don’t forget to take your sunbathing cream! :)

Another lake also called "Košariská" is a few minutes walk away   Another lake also called "Košariská" is a few minutes walk away


full-time OPEN HOURS: Restaurant daily 12:00 – 24:00 (reservation needed), Tiki beach from 10 am, Wellness beach 9 am – 8 pm
cost TICKETS: Entry to the Tiki beach 6 €, entry to the Wellness beach 6,50 € during week, 9,80 € during weekends
my-account ADDRESS: Nové Košariská 3224, Dunajská Lužná
finished-work CONNECT: Website, Facebook

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