With restaurants and cafes currently closed for indoor and outdoor dining, delivery is the next best way to experience the culinary stylings of Bratislava

Quarantine attitudes differ from person to person; some relish the opportunity to get out of the house and take a big, deep, temporarily maskless (at least when nobody else is around) breath whenever possible, while others are perfectly content staying indoors and avoiding any trips that go beyond the local grocery store. However, there’s one thing we can all safely agree on: you gotta eat. And while we all tell ourselves that we are completely capable of cooking three square meals a day at home, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually find yourself scrolling the delivery apps to find that perfect dish you’ve been craving, that you don’t have the ingredients, skill, or patience to make yourself. As the city continues to stick to safety protocols and keep indoor and outdoor dining closed and we continue to rely on our own culinary creativity at home, go ahead and give yourself and your cookbooks a break. Step away from the kitchen, open your go-to delivery app, and support local business by ordering from one (or all) of these Bratislava favorites (in no particular order) right now. (And don’t forget to always tip your courier!)


Bratislava isn’t the first city you think of when you consider where you can get top-notch tacos, but with the addition of La Garnacha to the Old Town repertoire of restaurants, that may no longer be the case. The menu is relatively limited, but we consider that a good thing, since simplicity and authenticity is the name of the game here. The menu is broken into three categories: tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, and with fresh, flavorful ingredients in each item, there are no wrong choices.

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Chinese food is one of those delivery staples that seems to only be ordered in bulk, and like some of the best foods, it somehow tastes even better the next day. Jasmin is one of the most authentic Chinese options we’ve tried in Bratislava, offering a variety of dishes from dim sum and street food to traditional chicken, beef, and fried rice and noodle options, and of course a Beijing-style duck with all the fixings. Prices here are a bit higher than most Bratislava restaurant options, but for the quality of food, it’s worth a few extra euros. Plus, even with a delivery commute, the steamed or fried dumplings will arrive just as plump and delicious as they would if they were delivered straight from the kitchen to your table, which is a huge selling point.

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Brixton House is a go-to destination for delicious coffee and culinary delights, but a big part of their appeal is space itself, from the colorful art on the walls to the cozy and comfortable seating. With their funky indoor vibes closed at the moment, it’s all about the food offerings, and lucky for us, their delivery offerings are truly impressive. The kitchen has limited the menu slightly, but staples like the Brixton burger, Brixton kebab, and hummus plate are still available, as well as some new additions like a protein-packed buddha bowl, vegan gyoza, and Korean BBQ wings.

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The pizza game in Bratislava is impressively strong, and Hamsik Pizza&Pasta, a relatively new addition to Old Town, is showing just how strong it is. The pasta, risotto, and main course options on the menu are all delicious and deliver well, but it’s the pizza you really want to go for here. The crust is slightly chewy with just enough of a crisp crust to hold up under the sauce, toppings, and most importantly the delivery commute, and with a great selection of options, there’s a meat or veggie-topped pie for any and all pizza lovers out there. Hamsik is also home to a prosecco bar, so while you treat yourself to an authentic homemade pizza, order yourself a bottle of bubbly too.

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Another strong contender in the best pizza in Bratislava category is Basilico, which has managed to make this particular New Yorker feel right at home after each bite of their stellar pizza. Classic options like the Marinara, Cosacca, and Margherita are all superb, but if you want to give your tastebuds something more exciting to react to, go for the Diavolo, the Regina, the Bufalina, or any of their specialty pizzas. Despite the thin crust, even the sauciest of pies will show up at your door hot, crisp, and ready to sink your pizza-loving teeth into, and with multiple locations around the city and lighting quick delivery time, you’re never too far from cheesy, melty, saucy glory.

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Sushi is an underrated wonder in a land-locked country that favors meat and potatoes over raw fish and rice, but Edo-Kin still manages to serve up seriously delicious sushi with a variety of tasty, fresh rolls and nigiri as well as some hot options like chicken tataki, udon teriyaki, and ramen. Keep an eye on the daily menu offerings which rotate tasty soups, appetizers, soups, and sushi rolls, and don’t skip over the beverage menu which has some delightful wine and beer options to complete your at-home sushi bar experience.

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Finding a good burger in Bratislava isn’t difficult, in fact, it’s impressive just how easy it is. However, the real thrill is finding a burger that stays warm, holds its shape despite multiple toppings and condiments, has a soft, pillowy bun that doesn’t get steamed in transit, and above all else, tastes fantastic. Roxor BRGR has a small but impressive menu of burgers for meat and veggie-eaters alike, as well as crispy French fries that show up hot and well-seasoned even after a delivery commute. And since no good burger and fries is complete without a cold beer, don’t skip the boozy part of the menu which is filled with some great beer and wine options.

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For a hearty, traditional Slovak lunch that will get you through the day and potentially set you up for a late afternoon nap, jump on your delivery app and order from Jedalen u Orbana. Regular menu options include tripe soup, beef in creamy dill sauce with dumplings, deer stew, and pork and wild mushrooms with rice, but if you’re lucky you can get an order of the duck breast with sauerkraut and dumplings for lunch before they sell out of it for the day. Jedalen u Orbana is only open from 9:00am to 2:00pm, so make sure to get your lunch order in early so you don’t miss out.

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Lunch and dinner are the obvious delivery meals, but what about those of us with a craving for something sweet? While it’s easy to run to the store and pick up a box of cookies or some candy when the sweet tooth rears its head, sometimes you just want the ease and comfort of a box of creamy, dreamy gelato brought straight to your door. Thankfully for us Bratislava residents, Koun Gelato is getting their outstanding Italian gelato out to the masses with the option of medium or large boxes via pickup and delivery (don’t forget to ask for a few cones to come with your order to get the full experience), and with their flavor offerings changing on a daily basis, you’ll never get bored of the options on the menu.

*Order via their website, koun.sk*


For another sweet option that can keep your sweet tooth at bay, La Donuteria is an ideal option. While donuts are a popular sweet that can be picked up at most grocery stores in the bakery aisle, no one quite does it like La Donuteria when it comes to flavor and topping options. Order a box of four donuts or a box of six, or get the full flavor rundown and get one of each. Regular options include a Boston cream, Oreo blueberry, and sweet raspberry among others, but pay attention to the weekly special that is constantly rotating and offering up fun, festive, and deliciously seasonal options.

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Author & photo credits: Sara Kay


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