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Best breakfast in Bratislava (17 250 unique users, 27 500 page views)*
Best street food (5 900 unique users, 11 700 page views)*
Places with best view in Bratislava (4 700 unique users, 8 600 page views)*
Best burgers in Bratislava (3 400 unique users, , 6 800 page views)*
Escape rooms in Bratislava (2 500 unique users, 3 600 page views)*

*data valid as of 1.3.2018



“We greatly appreciate your work because the fact is that nowadays it is quite difficult to orientate among so many businesses and places to visit, out of which many often provide poor quality. It’s valuable that you often visit these places incognito to try them out first – just like you did with our cafe. Tried a couple of times so you really are assured that the quality of service and the offered assortment are not a matter of coincidence. This is how it should be done. We wish you all the best in your future partnerships!” Ida Kozlova, Owner of Kapucino.

“WTB published an article about our bistro Žufaňa with detailed information about us, our specialties and recommending the WTB team’s favourites at our place. We love their authentic pictures and comprehensive text. We are excited to be part of their top selection for the Best breakfast places in Bratislava, too. Thank you for including us on your website!” Jana Hoosova, Co-founder of Žufaňa.

“Maria and Zuzana made a great piece of work to create this page. It is rather a unique place where people can find a lot of various activities or places in Bratislava with a detailed description and unbiased appraisal. Emil, Founder of Brainteaselava

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