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Event Promotion

Happenings in the city are always a hot topic.
Are you preparing an event? Let everybody know about it!

What’s in for you:

Your event will be the main topic of our dedicated article. You can tell our readers all the interesting details about it and why they should attend.

Examples of our articles & statistics:

New Years Eve in town (7 200 unique users, 13 100 page views)*
Free Bratislava (8 000 unique users, 9 700 page views)*
Street Food Park (3 500 unique users, 5 200 page views)*
Summer music festivals (2 600 unique users, 5 600 page views)*
Festival of lights (2 300 unique users, 4 300 page views)*

*data valid as of 1.3.2018



“A well written and curated blog that’s chock-full of useful and interesting info for tourists, expats and locals who speak English. I highly recommended this website as a place to turn to for everything that’s happening in Slovakia’s capital city. The team has done an amazing job with keeping the blog up to date and very user friendly. They have interviewed me and featured my improv theater group on the blog several times. They are very professional, down to earth and passionate about their work. Their popular blog ensures that small, independent event organizers such as myself are able to get help with publicity and marketing. They go out of their ways to cover events that are of interests to foreigners. Thanks to them, Bratislava’s arts and culture is accessible to everyone even if they don’t speak Slovak. My theater group, Funnylicious, is proud to have them as our media partner.” Hon Chong, Founder of Imagine Center for Learning, Funnylicious Improv Theater and Story Nights.

“Working with ”Welcome to Bratislava” is extremely effective. As an event organization we had a problem at the beginning with event attendance. However with ”Welcome to Bratislava” blogs and advertising, our event attendance raised by more than 30%.” Maria Hrvatic, CEO & Founder Internationals Bratislava.

“Festival [fjúžn] is a unique and the largest multi-genre and multicultural event focused on migration and foreigners in Slovakia with both national and international significance. It goes beyond one type of art (concerts, exhibitions, literature, theater, film, lectures and presentations, discussions, community events, children’s programs and school events). And so it was natural that our two projects met and, even more so, that they started to support each other and cooperate. I am glad that there is a project such as Welcome to Bratislava that supports not only our festival but also other activities and people living in Bratislava/Slovakia. The project is also beneficial because it represents different foreigners among us and shows us that we do not have to be afraid of them. Last but not least, Welcome to Bratislava is also an excellent guide to Bratislava not only for foreigners. In a special way it replaces the role of our capital, which sometimes communicates incomprehensibly when providing information in English for foreigners living here. I am glad that foreigners who come to study, work, or for love to Bratislava, or just for a while to see the capital of Slovakia, will learn from this website relevant and exciting information.” Martin Brix, Manager at [fjúžn] festival.

“These girls are what foreigners visiting Bratislava really needed! Their enthusiasm and passion devoted to this project is incredible! The Bridgin´Drama theatre has been cooperating with them for some times and it has always been a pleasure. They’re determined, creative and always willing to help. They’ve put a great deal of effort to share our projects and events with our potential viewers on the website and we wish them luck to continue such great but hard work.” Michaela Vrabova, Co-founder of The Bridge Language School & The Bridgin’ Drama Theatre.

How it works:

  • The article is published on our webpage.
  • The article is promoted on our social media (Facebook post, Instagram).

Additional offerings:

  • Facebook post about your event with a link to your event webpage/Facebook.
  • Instagram post about your event with a link to your event webpage/Facebook.
  • Webpage banner about your event.
  • Inclusion of your Facebook event in our Events tab on our Facebook page.
  • Inclusion of your event in our weekly article “Top events in Bratislava this week.” (app. 1 500 unique users, 3 300 page views monthly).

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