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Seasonal Campaigns

Our followers fancy seasonal tips. If you have something special in mind for the upcoming season, partner with us for a special campaign.

What’s in for you:

A dedicated seasonal campaign including our tips and recommendations on what to do during the current season. For example, in winter we can recommend how to spend a cozy day without feeling any cold. This is best suited for promoting your seasonal menu or special service that is season related. This kind of campaign is prepared well in advance.

Examples of our articles & statistics:

Christmas markets (27 380 unique users, 43 600 page views)*
Valentine’s Day (3 900 unique users, 4 900 page views)*
Goose & duck season ( 2 800 unique users, 4 300 page views)*
What’ open during Christmas in town? (2 300 unique users, 3 900 page views)*
New Year’s Eve Special (1 000 unique users, 2 000 page views)*

*data valid as of 1.3.2018


How it works:

  • The article is published on our webpage.
  • The article is promoted on our social media (Facebook post, Instagram).

Additional offerings:

  • Possibility to publish a separate article about your business.
  • Possibility to be added to an already published campaign article.

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