Yellow Pages

Visitors of our webpage like to have everything on one place and listed so they can easily find what they need. If it’s not easy to find you, get on our list!

Yellow pages is a section where we name places or services that belong in the same category, are aimed for a certain group of people or have the same location. Your service becomes part of a search optimized list of specific service providers.

Examples of our articles & statistics:

Food delivery services (7 900 unique users, 12 300 page views)*
Useful mobile apps to use in town (5 800 unique users, 9 300 page views)*
Taxi services in Bratislava (5 650 unique users, 9 200 page views)*
Language schools in town (3 150 unique users, 6 600 page views)*
Outdoor places for kids (2 400 unique users, 5 500 page views)*

*data valid as of 1.3.2018


How it works:

  • The article is published on our webpage.
  • A short paragraph about your service is included.
  • The article is promoted on our social media (Facebook post, Instagram).

Additional offerings:

  • Possibility to publish a separate article about your business.
  • Possibility to be added to an already published campaign article.

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