There are plenty of places in Bratislava where you can have a great drink. Beautiful bars which are open thorough the day until late, as well as bars which serve as actual bars only from the evening hours.

Bars in Bratislava

Many of our cafes also have cocktails and shots on their regular menu, and are open until late hours. And many of our restaurants are also very good for a nice drink, actually many places serve as bars as well as restaurants – that’s why you will find some listed in both categories. Whether you choose a busy or a calm spot from these lists, you will not regret your choice – they all are well tested! :)

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Bratislava is quite known for its night life. There is a reason for that. We indeed have some really good clubs where you can dance the night away. Thematic parties and dressing up is nothing extraordinary either. The majority of these clubs is situated in the city center. This is the time you will love the fact our center is small – because you can walk from club to club – literally! :)

Clubs in Bratislava

In this section I will include all the places which serve as bars AND clubs at the same time.

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