A storytelling evening for grown up storytellers and story lovers. Join this event full of charm, amusement and passion!

Bedtime Stories for Adults is an all-genre, one-of-a-kind story arts event for grown ups where the stories are told in many different forms and styles. In every event, a handful of captivating and engaging performing artists (storytellers, entertainers, actors, musicians, artists, etc.) who come from various countries and backgrounds present their stories. With this event, the magical story time of childhood is brought back, and at the same time you can stimulate your grown up curiosity and senses. Join in your favorite pyjamas if you wish!

Dress Code: None but if you are dressed in your outrageous/glamorous pyjamas, you will get 10% off on your drinks! That’s a pretty good reason to change into your pyjamas at the event, isn’t it? :)

Time and Place: The event will be held in Satori Stage. The doors open at 6 pm. Order your favorite drinks or get something to eat. Change into your comfortable pyjamas and make some new friends. The first performance starts at 6.30 pm.

Price: 8 €

Do you have a story you want to tell? All new storytellers/ performing artists are welcome! You’ll get 5-7 min of stage time. Send an email to hon@imaginecourses.eu and you’ll be put in the line-up. Open mic storytellers get in for free!



Q: Will I hear erotic or horror stories?
A: Maybe. Bedtime Stories for Adults is open to any and all genres of story. Different storytellers with different stories are present at every event. One thing for sure is that all the stories are aimed at adult listeners. There is zero tolerance for stories that hurt people or are meant to attack people.

Q: I’m interested in telling a story. What type of stories can I tell? Can I read it from a paper?
A: You can tell all kinds of stories. You will only be asked to use your common sense and not to harm or offend people with racist, misogynist or homophobic stories. Yes, you can recite a poem or read your favorite book aloud!


„In October 2015, I created an informal storytelling event called True Stories in Bratislava. The event was meant to bring English speaking expats and locals together to share true stories in a safe and supportive environment. The main concept behind Humans of New York or the Moth Storyslam is using stories to connect people. I wanted to bring something similar to Bratislava and at the same time to create a platform to give people a voice,“ says Hon Chong, one of the main organizors of this event.

„Together with my co-organizer Nikolas Haugeneder, we want to bring live storytelling to adult audience. We want grown ups to experience the magic of stories again, something most people have long forgotten. We would also like to bring experienced storytellers from all over the world to Bratislava and at the same time to give new storytellers the platform to sharpen their skills.“


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