Bratislava has recently made significant progress in the world of mixology. Now, mixed among the glut of wine bars and beer pubs, there are inventive cocktail dens blossoming all over the city. If you liked our previous article about the best cocktail places in Bratislava, check out this list capturing the wave of cool new cocktail bars!


What’s the vibe? A dose of glamour to your night out, offering as much substance as it does style.

best new cocktail bars - Antique American Bar  best new cocktail bars - Antique American Bar

What to expect?
This bar is just one charmingly tiny room that gets packed during weekend nights. The cosy terrace is a big plus towards accommodating drinking guests. An interior sparkling with dozens of lights, the mirror lined wall, luxurious chandelier and vintage decorations all create a perfect atmosphere. The AAB’s main lure, though, is its co-owner and main bartender Erik Lorincz who transferred his experience from the Savoy’s American Bar in London to Bratislava. And how are the cocktails? Expect all the classics at their best with great service! We love the menu with beautiful B&W photos by a famous Slovak photographer Karol Kallay.

best new cocktail bars - Antique American Bar  best new cocktail bars - Antique American Bar

Special tip: These guys are not boring at all. As quirky as it sounds, elegant can be funny at the same time. If you’re hungry, just ask for the sausages or cod-fish salad to pair your drink. Be sure to get hooked!


What’s the vibe?  A playful concept with sophisticated cocktails and cool pop-up themes changing every few months.

 best new cocktail bars - Spin Cocktail Bar best new cocktail bars - Spin Cocktail Bar

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What to expect?
Spin is an ideal place when you want to have some fun with friends! This is thanks to the different games that will keep you in a good mood throughout the night and help you challenge the bartenders and make best out of their skills. Don’t be shy to ask for a drink off-menu :) Every cocktail is strikingly vibrant, well balanced and generously sized. The menu consists of signature cocktails and changes every six months along with the concept and story behind it. The service, however, stays perfect all the time – this place is a model for taking the best personalized care of guests. And because the atmosphere is rather intimate, between the craft cocktails and cozy, familiar vibe everything here is designed to make sure you have a memorable night. Don’t miss this rare find!

best new cocktail bars - Spin Cocktail Bar  best new cocktail bars - Spin Cocktail Bar

Special tip: Try their game SPIN YOUR TASTE  – three wooden dice will tell which drink you should order. The first of them specifies the taste of your drink, the second one its base alcohol and third one its color. Sounds like fun, right?!


What’s the vibe? The second “secret bar” in Bratislava, this time themed into ‘60s and ‘70s style lounge with an eclectic range of house cocktails – ideal if you want a drink with a twist that isn’t just lemon peel.

best new cocktail bars - Old Fashioned Bar  best new cocktail bars - Old Fashioned Bar

What to expect?
A less hidden secret bar (follow the gate with iron bars) – bigger, more commercial but also more luxurious as its sister on Michalska Street. This bar is ultimately, completely and unarguably gorgeous! Old Fashioned has a dimly lit bronze-hued interior with Chesterfield leather sofas, romantic candlelight and it’s classy as hell. The drink list hits all the marks: the variety of hard to find liquors, vintage bottles of wine and spirits, and updated classic cocktails and daring modern creations. The drinks are often served in retro glassware with sophisticated garnishes. This is a great place for one of those special occasions when splurging on cocktails is just what you want to do. Just be careful – while they excel in their drinks, the customer service sadly lacks the perfection!

best new cocktail bars - Old Fashioned Bar  best new cocktail bars - Old Fashioned Bar

Special tip: Don’t hesitate to sit at the bar – you will be able to smell the wonderful edible essences used in almost all house cocktails! Get ready for patchouli, tonka bean, santal or cedar wood.


What’s the vibe? Not a nightclub, not a cocktail place, not a winery nor a beer pub. Baudelaire is simply “just” a bar. Everyone gets what they need – the offer includes local wines, smaller brewery beers, playful shots and our favourite – signature cocktails.

What to expect?
Baudelaire attracts younger, sophisticated and artistic local crowd that likes the Bohemian atmosphere but at the same time seeks calmer and quieter surroundings. The well-elaborated literary concept of this place elevates the drinking culture to a completely new level. Baudelaire Evil Flowers Bar pays homage to the famous French poet Charles Baudelaire who took the very essence of the carefree lifestyle to his heart and is known for his love for alcohol and drug use. And the imagination does not stop here – all the Baudelaire’s cocktails are called “Muses” and are named after the famous femme fatales like Czech actress Adina Mandlová, American model Edie Sedgwick, Haitian dancer Jeanne Duval or French model Kiki de Montparnasse. Our favourite one is Kiki, containing the fragrant violet liqueur and fresh Adina with grapefruit juice and Becherovka – a traditional Czech liqueur.

Special tip: Baudelaire’s menu won the Slovak Bar Awards for the best design and concept in 2018. One reason why we think it is so unique is that the drinks are organized based on the plant that they are made of.


What’s the vibe? Luxury, design and opulence at its best. 

What to expect?

Maximalist is the key word with Velvet and its breathtaking interior with a mixture of styles – mainly Art-deco and classic British fancy style. Get ready for a cocktail menu boasting with twists on the classics as well as with their own signature cocktails, each of them served in a specific glass and with a special service. What is unusual in the cocktail world – they do not use lemon juice at all.


What’s the vibe? Fresh 2020 look inspired by the hip, cool feel of Brixton Street in London.

What to expect?
The urbanistic feel inside Brixton House is ideal for the birthday party group looking for a unique atmosphere with killer drinks. With a lucrative cocktail program that does not disappoint, Brixton House is breaking out of the shell of the standard European café and blazing a new path, graffiti walls and all.


What’s the vibe? A tapas bar ideal if you want to team your drinks with tapas, pinchos or one of the various imaginative jamon or cheese sharing platters.

best new cocktail bars - Mecheche  best new cocktail bars - Mecheche

What to expect?
Mecheche is a popular restaurant ideal for contemporary, yet classic dining. It focuses on European cuisine and we love it mostly for its Spanish tapas-style creations. On top of the excellent meals, they have a two story wine cabinet with excellent wine collections. And their cocktails are another reason why this place became so popular among the locals! The interior captures the feel of hand-laid brick and rustic – but modern – elegance.  Mecheche is a perfect spot for the start of an evening when not only impeccable drinks but good food play an important role.

best new cocktail bars - Mecheche  best new cocktail bars - Mecheche

Special tip: Ladies, ask for the delicious cocktail called Feminity. Or do you feel like having a sangria party?


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What is your favourite bar? Let us know!

Author: Zuzana Mytna
Photos credits: Martina Gallovicova, Zuzana Mytna

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