Want to know the best of Bratislava?

Finding a place with a really good burger might be difficult, especially when they are served in almost each restaurant. I visited some that are known especially for their burgers and picked those for you which tasted the best to me. I always took my boyfriend so that we were two to evaluate – and we both agreed on this list:


The most delicious burger I have found so far is the one at the St. Germain bistro. They have two kinds of meat you can choose from. The winner in my case was the turkey burger with bacon, tomato, rucola and blue cheese sauce (left picture). The tastes of all the ingredients make such a perfect mixture that you just can’t stop eating!

DSC02835 DSC02834

The other burger in the bistro’s menu is a standard beef burger which comes with grilled bacon, avocado sauce and fresh coriander (right picture). This was also pretty good – but if you are not picky about the meat, try the turkey one. You won’t regret it! :) St. Germain, as a bonus, is a beautiful place with cool people, usually packed (no wonder) and with very vivid atmosphere. It is a great spot for meeting friends, having a drink or a nice meal.


PRICE OF THE BURGER: 6,99 € (1,79 € extra for a side dish but it is optional)
Rajská 7
OPEN: MON-SAT 10:00-23:00, SUN 12:00-20:00


Burgers in Piccola (or actually Minerva which is the official name of the restaurant) have become „famous“ in Bratislava quite quickly, since the restaurant started to offer them as a take-away meal for less money than the usual deal you pay when you order it as a whole meal sitting down in the restaurant. And of course, they taste great! You can choose from 3 burger variations: a standard, cheese or special burger (that is cheese plus bacon). The burgers are juicy and tasty, I enjoyed my piece a lot.


When ordering a take-away, you get it with no side dish. That is included only in case you sit down in the restaurant or its outside terrace. You have an option to select fried chips or a salad. Ladies, I do not recommend the salad – they serve the coleslaw one which I think kills the taste of the meat utterly. And you came for a burger, right? The good thing about this place is that it is open until quite late (Saturdays are the best – 2am!) – great news for all the party people!

DSC04448 DSC04449

PRICE OF THE BURGER: Take-away 3,50 – 4,50 € (no side dish option); Sit-in 5,90 – 7 € (side dish included)
Michalská 3
OPEN: MON-FRI 11:00-23:00, SAT 14:00-02:00, SUN closed


I wanted to check this place out since I heard a lot of positive feedback and adjectives like „the best burger in town.“ It was tasty, however not juicy enough for me – somebody else might disagree, I know, it is a matter of taste. I have friends who would not go to another place than this for a burger experience. I would recommend to try it out and make your own opinion as it is apparently the place of the burger people – and I felt like I had to list it here :)


This small place serves only burgers (and some beverages) and it built its brand on 3 things: The meat they use is 100 % beef and comes from a small Slovak farm near Bratislava. Then there is the fresh bread baked daily and finally they have come up with a special home-made barbeque sauce. Worth of trying out, don’t you think? By the way, they have also a vegetarian version – instead of beef, you can have an aubergine inside.


PRICE OF THE BURGER: 5,90 € (no side dish)
Palackého 4
OPEN: MON-SAT 11:00-22:00, SUN closed

Have you been to some of these places? Or you found a place with the best burger which is not on the list? Share your opinion in the comments below! :)