A warm, fluffy and tender pancake with rich filling is a dream of each gourment. If feeling like rewarding yourself with this delicious treat, be it salty or sweet one, we have a few tips for you. Huge pancakes, affordable ones or something more trendy. You will find a spot for yourself in our list of best places to have pancakes in Bratislava for sure!


For those of you who have never tried Slovak pancakes, these could be compared to French crepes rather than to American ones. This does not mean that you cannot get American pancakes in Bratislava. On the contrary, there are certain places serving them, too. The most usual name in Slovak language, describing what you consider as an American pancake, is „lievance“ compared to „palacinky.“ That’s the Slovak equivalent for crepes. Slovak pancakes are somewhat thicker than the French ones. The most typical way is to have them sweet, filled with sweet cottage cheese, strawberry jam or Nutella. However, zillions of other fillings are popular and available on the market, including salty versions, too :)


The biggest pancakes we have ever seen! You can order a sweet or a salty one. We say “a pancake” deliberately in singular. Don’t order more than a piece, trust us. You’ll have problems finishing that solely one :)

Viktoria pancakes   Viktoria pancakes

Yellow walls, blue ceiling and wooden furniture, that’s quite a combination! Sit down and you will be taken a few years back to an older bistro like from a movie.

Viktoria   Viktoria

Special tip: Our favorite pancake is called Extra and stands for 350 grams of pure joy. Filled with whipped cream, mandarin curd, nougat, mixed fruit, vanilla pudding and walnut liqueur. Don’t forget cash at home, cards are not accepted.

ADDRESS: Prievozská 21
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The package sells the product and this is valid twice in case of visual appearance in the culinary world. Pan Cakes has the most beautifully arranged pancakes that taste like heaven! You are definitely eating them also with your eyes. They are of a normal size which means that you can manage to eat more than just one and try out different fillings. You can choose salty or sweet ones. They are made out of a normal dough or a special rice-buckwheat gluten free dough without lactose.

Pan Cakes   Pan Cakes

You will appreciate the nice hip atmosphere and the Scandinavian style of interior. Simple & stylish premises, naked light bulbs and pure lines with a high blue counter, behind which all the magic happens.

Pan Cakes   Pan Cakes

Special tip: Take your dog with you, Pan Cakes will not mind.

ADDRESS: Suche Myto 4
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Lacinka is a hidden gem of Bratislava’s old times. All natives will know what you are talking about when saying „Lacinka“. Salty or sweet pancakes of many types dusted with sugar are believed to be some of the best in town and definitely the best value for money. This is what we consider to be the most Slovak and tasting like from our moms :)

Just to set things straight, do not expect a fancy place. When entering a subtle yellow old building, you will fall into a different world. This super tiny space with a long queue of pancake-craving customers reminds us of a school canteen in socialist Slovakia several years back. Staff in white coats or alternatively aprons look more like in a butcher’s shop than in a pancake place. But this is part of the special atmosphere, so don’t hesitate to visit if you want to have an old Bratislava experience!

Special tip: We recommend to use a take-away option and relish the treat at home. Don’t forget cash at home, cards are not accepted.

ADDRESS: Sancova 18
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A French native owns this pancake place, so we assume this is how to expect to get your pancake in a French way. We love two small details that make this place absolutely special on top of the delicious pancakes served. First of all, each pancake has a name after a Parisian metro station – Odeon, Opera or Bastille are not missing.

The second detail is that each pancake is served in a different way – they are all folded or decorated uniquely, reminding a pancake origami :) Big like!

You will find Chez Amelie hidden in a small court of an older building on Laurinska Street. The interior is very friendly, with impressive stone ceiling and full of colourful paintings of Paris or copies of real Parisian street labels.


Special tip: Try the sweet pancake with hot raspberries and vanilla ice cream. Pure deliciousness!

ADDRESS: Laurinska 11
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If you ride a bike, have a beard and like a hipster crowd, this is an absolutely great place for you :) Or if you just simply love the pancakes! We do love them here, especially the ones with more exotic flavors, such as poppy seed pancake with honey, cinnamon and lemon zest, apple pancake with honey, cinnamon and nuts or salty pancake with baked Niva cheese. You can also ask for gluten-free buckwheat versions.

This place is cool inside-out. Funki Punki proudly proclaims to be an IKEA-free bar – you will find this sign on their entrance door. We really like their colorful tables and the way they present their menu. That blue book you’ll find on each table is not for reading during long winter evenings, it is their actual meal offer :)


Special tip: On working days, until 14:00, they offer a special lunch menu – a soup plus 2 pancakes or coffee plus one sweet pancake for a discounted price.

ADDRESS: Klariska 12
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Whether you prefer to eat a pancake as a main dish or relish it as a sweet dessert, we are sure you cannot go wrong with any of these choices!

Author: Zuzana Mytna
Credits: Zuzana Mytna, Martina Gallovicova, Maria Kecsoova


    • Hi Doro, we know about those, they are like American pancakes, but actually we do not really like them in Ranno Ptaca – compared to the American pancakes in Moods which are winning for us ;)

  1. One thing we found out visiting this place today was that the translated menu had different prices than those billed. Was hard to discuss this with the waitress as she did not speak English.


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