If you like taking walks, you definitely want to take this one while you are in Bratislava. Having the view of the Danube river and Austria in front of you while the castle lies in your background is a great spot not just to take photos!

There are two options for you – you either walk 10-15 minutes from the center towards the castle or take a tram (203 or 207) and then walk from there to the center. We prefer the second alternative as walking towards the castle is up the hill, and you still have quite a walk after. If you rent a car, there is also a garage only a few steps from the castle (it charges 1 € for each started 25 minutes). The third option is for those who hate slow walks and prefer something more adventurous – explore the city through a city discovery game! Instead of relaxed walking, you will be walking quicker and unlocking Bratislava stories through solving riddles on your phone. Read on for more details on this option.

It was Sunday late afternoon in when we got out of the flat to breathe in some fresh air. Just on time to have some sun as well as see the sun set. After parking our car like 10 minutes up the castle, the walk was about to start! We personally like to take the path down the hill because when you reach the castle from the street above it, this is what you get to see:

The castle is just in front of you in its full beauty. The building on your right side, on the castle hill, is the Slovak National Council, which is the national parliament of our country, and has been called so since 1st October 1992.

The Slovak National Council    The Slovak National Council

By walking beside it you are going to see a small restaurant where you can stop by to have something refreshing while enjoying this great view! In the left picture there is the new bridge connecting the Old Town with the Petržalka area. The tall thing in the middle of the bridge is „UFO“ – a restaurant seated 85 m high from where you can have a panoramic view on Bratislava.  In the right picture you see the mountains in Austria :) And the river’s name is Danube (in Slovak we call it „Dunaj“).

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Now from here there are three ways to get to the center. One option is to walk around the castle and then go back to the center, Hodžovo square, following the tram’s line (or easier just get on the tram). Then you can take the path which will lead you through small walkways towards the new bridge and Hviezdoslav’s square (the very center) – we think this is especially beautiful during the summer when everything is green. The third option which we chose this time (for a reason) is to exit the castle from the front (where we entered) and walk down the Zámocká street.


The reason was a small cafe spot called Káva Bar which we wanted to stop by – and which we highly recommend in case you are into those cosy places set up in French style. You can check more about this place here.

The sun was gone when we finished our coffees and so we decided to walk in the center. When you continue to walk down the hill, you can not miss it :) The church you can see in the right picture is the St. Martin’s cathedral – the biggest and most important church in Bratislava and one of the biggest churches in Slovakia as well.


A few meters from here, on the right side, you are going to see stairs leading downstairs – leading to the center. You will find yourself among tiny romantic streets which we find so beautiful, especially at night!

Take this „tunnel“ and you will get right in the city center with all the bars and cafes and things happening. Now it was not the high peak when we were taking these pictures, on a Sunday late evening, that’s why the city looks empty. It is not the usual case though :)

The below pictures show our Hlavné námestie (Main square) where all the big events usually happen. The Christmas markets have their base here. During the summer there is a stage with regular program for locals and tourists. It is always full of people just sitting around or tourists taking pictures.

This place below is called Maximilian Delikateso and it is a “schokocafe”– very beautiful from inside and outside as well, with huge windows and a perfect view to the square. The hot chocolate itself though is not our favorite one. If you go there, we would recommend to have a coffee or anything else but hot chocolate. If you dream of a really good hot chocolate, then try one of these places.

The Kaffee Mayer is a restaurant/cafe set up in Austrian style with a huge selection of cakes and tarts. Basically if you are a fan of sweets, you might want to check this place out :)

Taking the direction towards the river, you will get to the Hviezdoslavovo námestie (Hviezdoslav’s square) – our biggest square full of cafes, restaurants and clubs. On the very beginning there is our main historical theater, a majestic building which still holds regular plays and which is also the spot of the annual Ball.

In the right picture you can see the Olympic casino but the main reason we included it here was not to tell you that you can gamble :) It was because the corner of this building, right there where you see the big light (it is a clock), is one of the two main spots in the city center where you can take a taxi – worth to know especially if you plan to go out and have a drink or two ;)


Relaxed walk is wonderful but we can also offer you something more unusual, adventurous, creative and worth trying! If you like cracking riddles, exploring new places on your own (without a guide) and discovering the best hidden gems recommended by locals and unlocking cities’ stories, this is the right activity for you. Through the secret city trails game, you will solve a trail of riddles on your phone and learn interesting facts and urban legends about Bratislava. And you get a 10% off the game through our referral link. Trust us, it’s FUN! Moreover, it was us, local bloggers, who designed the game Bratislava: History and mystery, through which we are showing you iconic sights as well as secret places and give you the best tips on where to go in our city. A great view is just a bonus. Unleash your inner Indiana Jones and start exploring now!

Well this is where our Sunday journey came to end this time. We’ll make sure to include some more stories like this in the upcoming days so that you can learn more about our beautiful little city :)

Author: Maria Kecsoova


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