If you are looking for a different way to explore our city center’s lesser-known stories that includes creativity and team work, city games are something worth trying out. Go on an urban adventure, solve cryptic clues and experience Bratislava’s hidden gems in a playful way. Each trail takes you exploring secret spots and it’s ideal if you are a group of 2-5 people in a team. Experience Bratislava a whole new way through these activities:


An adventure activity for groups of 2-5 people at which you will be looking for a young student who is reported missing for several days. Relying only on yourselves and the few things inside your backpack which you need to pick up before the game personally, you will solve puzzles aimed to test your perception, common sense or your passion to discover. The mission takes places in the historical center of Bratislava and the orientation is quite simple, but it is an advantage to have at least the basic skill to read a map. You don’t need to be afraid of getting lost but in case you manage to, you will be provided with a map and a mobile phone with a contact number which you can call – we appreciated that the organizers called us a few times while we were on the hunt, just to check how we were doing, and whether we were on a good track :)

Brainteaselava city game

The game is suitable for total beginners but with the originality of tasks also for escape games veterans, experienced geocachers or treasure hunters who like to solve entertaining and original tasks. We were a group of 3 people and had a great time, even though we picked a super warm day – which made us a bit tired sooner than we’d have wanted to, given the necessary walking, so our advice is to pick a day or at least time of the day when the weather makes it more pleasant for you to walk longer distances. Overall we highly recommend to try this game – the creators evidently put a lot of effort when coming up with the list of quests and places to send you to, so it is worth every cent and you are definitely going to have loads of fun!

Game start: Obchodna 2
Game length: 60-180 minutes (3 km)
Start time: 9:30 – 19:00, daily
Price: 49 € per team


Ever tried city games based on mobile messaging? They are simple and the fun lies in you getting texts with a trail of clues and hunting together with your mates across the city. So no backpacks or other tools needed, you just need a mobile phone. Each clue, sent to your phone by text, leads you to a location within walking distance. When you find the answer, you text it back and when you get it right, you get the next clue. When you don’t get it right, you can ask for a hint. Sounds exciting? It surely is! You don’t need to meet anybody to give you further instructions, everything is available online.

The secrets of Bratislava city trail

The secrets of Bratislava city trail

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We must say that this trail is a nice way to see the very center as it takes place in the streets of our Old Town – you will see details of places you do not notice normally (we can tell, as we live here) – however the hints are related rather to shops and bars than the historical sights, so don’t expect to get to know a lot about Bratislava’s history (the text messages have limited characters which we understand). At times the clues were a bit challenging – but then if they weren’t, it would be boring, right? :) Overall, we recommend to try this game if you want to have some fun time with your friends on a low cost mode and have less time – it is more than three times cheaper than the previous one and the walking area is also less challenging.

Game start: Trinitarian Church at Zupne square
Game length: 60 – 120 minutes (2 km)
Start time:  10:00 – 17:00, daily except Mondays
Price: 14 € per team


How would a sightseeing tour connected to games and solving riddles while learning about Bratislava’s history sound? If you are a group of at least 6 people and you want to compete against each other, you can try the treasure hunt game which is different because you do not use your mobile phone and you do not get tools to walk with – there is always an experienced guide that walks with you, pulls you into the game and makes sure you have fun along the way. This is an interactive way of discovering our capital. Get ready for some fascinating historical facts, bizarre legends and stories that will lead you through our picturesque streets. After the hunt is over, all teams hand their results over to this professional guide who compares them, evaluates the game and announces the winning team. And then you have some drinks together to celebrate! :)

Solving riddles in our Old Town


Game start: upon arrangement, usually at the Hviezdoslav’s square
Game length: 90 – 150 minutes  + a wrap up/drinks – total around 4 hours
Start time: daily, time upon arrangement
Price: upon request as it varies based on the number of people

Whichever city game you choose, we are sure you are going to have a splendid time in Bratislava. Enjoy!

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Author: Maria Kecsoova


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