International festival of chamber music, Convergence, will be held in Bratislava from 18th till 25th September. It was established in 2000 in our capital and since 2008, it travels around Slovakia and in recent years has found a place in Košice as well. Convergence annually creates space for artists and music lovers where they can get close to various genres, projects and personalities of chamber music from around the world. Have a look at the many fantastic performances and choose your favorite concerts:


18.9. 19:00
Milan LASICA, Peter LIPA & Bratislava Hot Serenaders

Slovak Radio Concert Hall

When Time Stood Still is the title of the most recent of three successful albums (so far) by Milan Lasica and the Bratislava Hot Serenaders. Charm, noblesse, sentiment, and the energy of the Jazz Age. And Peter Lipa as guest: that’ll be “hot”!

19.9. 19:00
Music & Food in Carlton

Hotel Carlton

Bread and butter, trout, tea for two, wedding cake, and songs about punch and wine… Convergences, together with the Hotel Carlton have prepared, as one of the festival’s accompanying events, a light menu (and not only for the sense of sound) for lovers of music and gastronomy. Rossini as starter and dessert, Schubert as main course, Beethoven drains his glass. And a surprise to follow!
Invitation tickets only

20.9. 20:00
From Venice to Vienna (and Podolinec)
St. Martin’s Cathedral

The Italian baroque Romina Basso unites her captivating contralto with the sound of the period instruments played by Solamente naturali, led by violinist Miloš Valent. Together, in Bratislava’s St. Martin’s Cathedral, they will make the music of the 18th century masters live.


21.9.  18:00
Academy of Chamber Music of the Convergence Festival

Design Factory

A concert featuring the best graduates’ ensembles of the Academy of Chamber Music, which was held in June at an assembly of the Slovak Youth Orchestra in Nitra. The event is being held in collaboration with the Music Centre. Come to listen to music from P. Šimai, J. Brahms, Ľ. Rajter, P. Zagar, K. Engel, W. A. Mozart and F. Schubert!
Admission is free.

21.9. 19:30
Beethoven, Bartók, Brahms violin sonatas
Design Factory

A recital by the outstanding Slovak violinist Milan Paľa (recently conferred with the Radio_Head Award for his recording of concertos by Szymanowski and Berg) and the versatile pianist Ladislav Fančovič, offers ravishing works by Beethoven and Brahms

22.9. 18:00
Bratislava Chamber Music Night
Design Factory

Famous and less well-known chamber works, performed by highly-reputed musicians from home and abroad during Bratislava’s Night of Chamber Music: that is one of the identifying marks of Convergences. This includes a special “birthday recital” in design factory, featuring two renowned Slovak artists who have been associated with Convergences from its inception, the pianist Nora Skuta and the clarinettist Ronald Šebesta.

23.9. 15:30
Makrokozmos concert for children

Design Factory

This time round, the traditional Convergences concert for children offers a selection from Bartók’s well-known piano cycle Microcosm. These compositions, designed for musicians both small and large, with their unusual rhythms and harmonies offer access to the fascinating universe of 20th century music.

23.9. 19:00
Sylvia THEREZA (Brazil) Piano recital

Design Factory

This recital of the phenomenal British violinist Daniel Rowland and Ukrainian pianist Natasha Kudritski is an inspiring musical return to Paris of the twenties. A captivating mix of chamber music, jazz and tango inspirations, which could arise only thanks to the atmosphere in this city.

24.9. 17:00
Concert for Marian Varga

Slovak Radio Concert Hall

In music there’s no point in a pretence of immutable borders. That is true of the work of Marián Varga (1947 ‒ 2017) and also of Convergences, which he inspired. A chamber concert of classical works is homage to this conspicuous figure in Slovak art music.

24.9. 20:00
Antonio Vivaldi, Peter Breiner, Sulchan Cincadze, Béla Bartók
Concert Studio of the Slovak Radio

After an enthusiastic reception at his Slovak premiere in June, the phenomenal Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital returns once again in September, at Convergences. Following the jazz and worldwide music project Avital meets Avital, this time he exhibits his mastery in the classical repertoire.

25.9. 19:00
On an Overgrown Path

Moyzes Hall

Since its formation in 1957, Camerata Zürich has been one of the most important Swiss orchestral bodies in the fields of classical repertoire, contemporary music and various educational and innovative projects. Camerata Zürich will be led by the Swiss-based Slovak violinist Igor Karško, a regular guest at Convergences, and Thomas Demenga, the well-known cellist and artistic leader of the ensemble, will perform as soloist.

You can also get a season ticket for the whole festival for only 59 €.
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