What happens when you join the words Bratislava and Delicious? The answer is Bratilicious! And the Foodcult project is all about BratiLICIOUS eating in our capital. How and why should you join and what are the benefits you can get? This article is all about tasty food and dining so make sure you have eaten before reading on! :)


foodcult Foodcult is a loyalty program which brings benefits to both restaurants and their visitors. Being a member doesn’t cost you a thing PLUS gives you a chance to profit on each transaction you make when eating out.
How? Read on:

PROS for the restaurants:
1. Foodcult supports ONLY quality restaurants,
2. helps them with promotion towards general public,
3. often also organizes special events and tastings to attract customers.

Those of you who come and eat at these recommended places:
1. can be sure about the quality of the place and the fact that what you’ll eat will be delicious,
2. will collect loyalty points which can be redeemed for special gifts/vouchers for your future dining out,
3. can join often organized special events and tastings, get to use for-members-only discounts and take part in various contests (again, with the chance to win some extra points!).

All members who use the Foodcult app transform 50 % of each amount spent in Foodcult restaurants to loyalty points. For example if the bill is 20 €, you’d receive 10 loyalty points. HOWEVER if you sign up with my SPECIAL CODE (WLCM), you’ll get 52 % back from each transaction!

All it takes is to become a member (FREE of charge!) and start trying the recommended places.

Sounds good, right? :)


Founders of FoodcultFoodcult is a Slovak project created by a young couple – Pepso & Simi – founders of the bratilicious.com blog, who write about places it’s worth to eat at and came up with the idea of creating a loyalty program which would be a win-win thing for both restaurants and people. Good job!


Since the whole webpage and most of the articles are in Slovak only and they are pretty busy with finding new places and organizing events for you, we agreed that the English population of Bratislava would be helped out via WelcomeToBratislava website. (You’re welcome!) :) Now let’s have a look at how to make this work:


1. Register on this link (if it appears in Slovak, scroll down to find 3 flags and choose the English language).
2. Download the Scandeal app.
3. When paying in a restaurant, open the app on your smartphone, click on the large button in the middle of the screen and a QR code will appear.
4. The personnel will put the amount of your bill to their phone and scan your QR code.
5. Done! You have just gained back 52 % of the amount you spent as your loyalty points which can be redeemed in the application for vouchers to be used in Foodcult restaurants :)

When signing up through the first link, please write the WLCM code to the „Promotion code“ line, it is a sign you found out about this loyalty program on my website and a way to get 52 % back from each transaction instead of the usual 50 % – thank you!):

Foodcult Scandeal registration

This is what the app looks like – you can see the number of your points, check the list of places where the app is valid at (Foodcult members) and see the current offers and the screen for creating a QR code.

Foodcult - Scandeal app   Foodcult - Scandeal app   Foodcult - Scandeal app

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use the app and get your points (money) back:

Sounds like a good deal?


List of Foodcult restaurants & cafes

FoodCult monthly leagues

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