This colorful place carries the adjective of being the most delicious bookstore in town. An original cafe with everything home-made and freshly served is a perfect point to hang out with friends or just relax in a big sofa with a good book. Hand-picked selection of cooking books is available to purchase on the spot.


Foxford cafe is seated in the heart of the Old Town, on Laurinska street, just next to other favorite cafe – Stur. You will need to walk almost to the end of this street to find its small terrace where chairs are covered by red and white blankets and tables are decorated with flowers :)

Foxford is seated in the heart of the Old Town, on Laurinska street   Foxford's outdoor terrace


The terrace itself looks quite ordinary, there are many similar ones on the streets. But wait until you walk inside! I fell in love with the place the moment I visited it for the first time. It glows with colors, has a very friendly vibe and you just feel like home immediately! The personnel gives the whole place a very comfortable touch – all the girls are very friendly and helpful and you are served quite quickly.

Foxford glows with colors!   Foxford: view on the outside terrace

If you like to watch people walking by when eating, sit by the window at the front room. This room also serves as the bookstore where you can purchase different cooking books (many of them are in English).

Cooking books can be purchased in Foxford   Cooking books can be purchased in Foxford

The room in the back is much bigger and longer. You can seat yourself at the small tables or bigger sofas (really comfy!). When you are at Foxford, make sure you notice the lamps and decorations. All the lamps are made from kitchenware and instead of paintings you will find hanging pans with books inside :)

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Foxford: the room in the back with large armchairs


Whether you come for breakfast, lunch, dessert or dinner, you will definitely have a great selection of choices. If you have weakness for sweet breaky, definitely try the home-made puddings or one of their heavenly cakes (they create their own recipes)! These pictures display a blueberry pudding with ginger cookies and a coconut pudding:

A blueberry pudding with ginger cookies   A coconut pudding

Their fantastic chocolate brownie with prunes is best with a hot cappuccino, and one of the most delicate cakes I have tried at Foxford was the creamy raspberry & chocolate brownie – a great mixture of sweet and savour taste, just delicious! It makes you want to order another one after you finish it :)

Foxford: chocolate brownie with prunes   A creamy raspberry & chocolate brownie

They have many kinds of small sandwiches which you can combine depending on how hungry you are. The menu is quite long, full of tasty vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. One of the most delicious spreads or jams is their bacon jam which can be served with vegetables or bread.

Foxford offers many kinds of small sandwiches   A bacon jam

A salty alternative and also my suggestion for lunch is the sweet potato pie with blue cheese, caramelized onion and salad. It was one of the most delicious pies I have had in my life, seriously! And their Carbonara pie with bacon, thyme and Parmesan is to die for as well.

Foxford: sweet potato pie with blue cheese   A Carbonara quiche with bacon, thyme and Parmesan

Their warm lentil salad with beetroot and cheese is phenomenal, and they prepare a few kinds of good pasta, too.

Warm lentil salad with beetroot and cheese    They prepare a few kinds of good pasta, too

If you visit Bratislava in summer and sit at the terrace, you might want to try one of their home-made lemonades or their special beer. Foxford is one of the few places which also has the very Slovak version of apple cider called “Jablčnô” – my recommendation! You can also find this cider at the Urban Space.

You surely want to try one of their home-made lemonades!   Foxford offers Erb beer, too

As you might find out already, I literally love this place. It’s perfect for any occasion. I come here with my friends to have a drink in the evening, I come here when I feel like having a treat, I like to walk in for breakfast when I manage to wake up :) and I have problems deciding what to order when coming in for dining – everything on the menu looks so good! One of the top recommendations to visit when you are in Bratislava :) And they have just opened a new branch on Obchodná street (above a book store) so you can also try that one.

full-time OPEN HOURS: MON-FRI 08:30 – 22:00, SAT 09:00 – 22:00, SUN 10:00 – 21:00
cost PRICE RANGE: 0 – 10 €
my-account ADDRESS: Laurinská 1 and Obchodná 26
finished-work CONNECT: Website; Facebook


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