„Best coffee house in the town“ is a title this place has received a couple of times. Its goal is to offer delicious coffee and high-quality products prepared and served “with love”. It is not only the goal but practice as well. Come here to have a memorable authentic coffee experience – you have to try their dark chocolate ice-cream! Plus, a very friendly and helpful service, not mentioning the nice atmosphere.


The GreenTree Caffe is a chain of more places situated across the city. So you will find these nice cafes at more spots. The one we go to the most is in the Old Town, city center, on Ventúrska street.

Outdoor terrace of Greentree


First thing you will see after entering is a huge ice-cream bar and smiling ladies offering you a drink. We love the big bookshelf wall near the window – especially when sitting inside drinking a hot beverage and watching people hurrying somewhere on a rainy day. The background piano music will add up to the atmosphere.

In the merchandising section (left picture) you can purchase presents to remind yourself the tastes of this place.

We highly recommend you to go downstairs – not only to use the toilet :) There you will find small aisles with book shelves and very cute corners where you can hide if you don’t want to be disturbed while enjoying your favorite book, arranging emails or having a chat with your friends.

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If you like carrot cakes, definitely go for the one here. It tastes delicious, has a stronger nut flavor and a perfect lemon icing.

Coffee in GreenTree Cafe is worth of trying!   Their carrot cake with lemon icing is fabulous!

Besides good coffee, you will be able to choose from a unique selection of coffee specialties, delicious ice creams, 100 % organic fresh fruit juices,  hand-prepared bakery products and a selection of fresh desserts and cakes. Just pick the one you like – you won’t regret your choice for sure :)

Greentree has one of the best ice creams in Bratislava

Come, enjoy… and come back :)

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