Harley is the largest permanent open air disco pub in Bratislava. With live striptease held each weekend, it is a popular destination for hen and stag parties. Rock and disco music, four bars, two dance floors and an inexpensive alcohol. This is what you are going to find in Harley. And the party can start!


Harley is one of the few places out of the city center. You actually need to take a taxi to get there later in the night, even though there are trolley buses but it would take you more than 20 minutes by public transport and additional walking (it is quite a hidden place). The taxi shall cost you around 10-15 € from the center but it is worth it – you can get beer from 1 € and shots from 2 € there :)


Harley has been open for almost 20 years. It is the biggest club in the town – the whole place covers an area of ​​almost 5 000 m2!

Harley Davidson: interior

From the first moment you walk in, you can feel the Western-Mexican atmosphere because the whole interior is furnished in that style. Wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden bar, wooden walls… and of course, dim colorful lights.

From the first moment you walk in, you can feel the Western-Mexican atmosphere

There are four bars and two dance floors, and an outdoor terrace with a garden which is open in summer. The stage in the middle of the room with ropes holding it together is a popular dancing area. During the day, Harley is a pub/restaurant where you can dine. On Friday and Saturday nights, it turns into a wild party place.


There are four bars and two dance floors in Harley

It is famous for its weekend parties lasting until early morning hours. People come here often for their hen/stag parties– especially because of the midnight striptease which is held here regularly.

During the day, Harley Davidson is a pub/restaurant where you can dine

Yes, you heard me right. Female striptease is held each Friday and male striptease is on each Saturday. Plus during other special occasions.

Male striptease is held in Harley each Saturday   Male striptease is held in Harley each Saturday

For more (and juicier pictures) just check their FB albums to see what I mean :)

Female striptease is held in Harley each Friday   Female striptease is held in Harley each Friday

By the way, you won’t find teenagers in Harley. This place is popular among the 25+ generation in general. I would say the best is to come after 11pm or right before the midnight, as this is the time the place starts to fill in.

NOTE: The photos used in this article come from the venue’s official webpage and FB and I do not own any rights to them.

full-time OPEN HOURS: MON–THU 10:00 – 24:00, FRI 10:00-06:00, SAT 11:00-06:00, SUN 11:00-24:00
cost TICKETS: free entrance to the restaurant, on FRI and SAT evening 1,95 € for women, 2,95 € for men entrance fee to the disco
my-account ADDRESS: Rebarborová 1
finished-work CONNECT: Website, Facebook

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