Ice-dream is a cute café with one of the best Italian gelato we have had in Bratislava. Your romantic soul will be on cloud nine from the beauty of this place set up in pastel colors and feminine decor. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy genuine atmosphere and one of the most outstanding services we experienced in our city!


This ice-cream place stands on Špitálska Street in the Old Town. Convenient for both tourists and locals:)

source: Ice-Dream official FB page


Ice-Dream will enchant you with its colors – pastel, slightly feminine and romantic. Such a nice change compared to all the hipster places furnished in the industrial style. You won’t find pipes and cables hanging around here. A distinctly clean aesthetic infuses this somewhat Parisian spot, to winning effect.

Kapucino   Kapucino


First of all, we have to mention that the service and the atmosphere are outstanding here. There’s joy evident in every element of the place, from excellent cakes, authentic Italian gelato to the optimistic decor.

The place is owned by a married couple who studied opera singing and fell in love with Italy and therefore decided to run business with Italian coffee and gelato. And we promise you won’t be disappointed by their cake and gelato menu!


But it’s not just great cakes and ice-cream that make this coffeeshop special: it’s great service. And Ice-Dream appears to have hired the nicest bunch of people in town. Ultra-efficient, warm and welcoming.

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There are several specialties that Ice-Dream offers. One of them is its coffee. They serve Italian coffee brand popular for its dark roasting when the coffee is supposed to be less acid. Nowadays, it is trendy to use light roasting, so it is one of the few places where you can have authentic Italian coffee in Bratislava.

Another cool home-made baked treat, available all year long but ideal especially for cold winters, is waffles served with home-made whipped cream, chocolate and forest berries. It smells amazingly and the taste is heavenly. We loved the dough and the toppings were amazing, too. Fully recommended! And they started to serve it also with their amazing gelato!!!

Winter also brings seasonal hot chocolate which is semi-dark and truly rich and creamy.

Kapucino   Kapucino

Of course, there is also plenty of cakes to choose from, including raw cakes or cheesecakes. Our favourite ones are however the Bratislava rolls with nuts or poppy seed filling.



Separate topic is the authentic Italian gelato they make here all year long! The owners graduated from the renowned Gelato University in Bologne. Thus you can expect nothing less than rich and creamy gelato intense in its flavours. They have usually 8 regular flavours and 4 specials that are seasonal and changing. The offer also includes several vegan sorbets. On top of that, they are probably the only place in Bratislava that offers “exclusive” – combo of an ice-cream that has something extra on top  such as white or dark chocolate or lemon layer. Another specialty in the ice-cream department are their popsicles covered in caramel, pistachios, chocolate or nut cream.


Our newest discovery in Ice-Dream is their ice-cream spaghetti – a fun concept of vanilla ice-cream with strawberry sauce that mostly kids will appreciate:)

During the winter season, they offer an option of an ice-cream catering for parties or events. And between us, we were so happy with their gelato that it made it to our list of top ice-cream places in Bratislava.

(source: Ice-Dream archive)

Have you been to Ice-Dream already? What are your impressions?

Author: Zuzana Mytna

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