Join hundreds of people skating on the Bratislava roads on Friday evenings during the summer holidays! A great activity for young and old ones, families, children, singles and couples – anyone who can do inline skating is welcome!


Bratislava inline skating is a summer event that takes place every Friday evening during the summer holidays since 2004 (under the condition that there is good weather). It organizes cross city rides on roller skates (and bicycles) and the event is suitable for everyone regardless of age. The year 2020 is the 17th year of the summer roller parade in Bratislava – free and no registrations needed!


This event has some easy rules to be kept:

  • everyone participates at their own responsibility
  • you must master fast breaking, skating in a crowd and keeping the tempo of the ride
  • skate on the right, take over on the left
  • if you’re on a bike, follow the inline skaters
  • respect the instructions of police, medical personnel and inline team and always give the right of way
  • in case of breaking or obstacle on the road, put your hands up
  • MaSL (Maximum Speed Limit) is given by the first police car, MiSL (Minimum Speed Limit) is given by the last police car
  • don’t throw away garbage, we want to keep our cities nice and clean
  • maintain drinking regime, always carry enough drinks with you
  • take your ID card with you, you may need it in case of an injury or if you win in a lottery drawing
  • safety’s first – take care of yourself – wear a helmet and protective pads!


At every inline event there are police, medical personnel and the inline team who provide instructions, manage the flow of participants and always have the right of way during the skate. The „Inline Team“ will take care of your safety and will keep the event going. You can recognize the guys from the team easily – they will be wearing orange reflective vests.


Follow this Facebook page for more information about the events and the dates – the starting meeting points and the routes change regularly.

Source of the pictures:

Author: Maria Kecsoova

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