Are you a competitive type with a bunch of similar friends? Do you like playing games, going for crazy quests and using an interactive map? In that case the iPad Treasure Hunt might be an activity for you! We have tried it recently and here is our experience!


There is more iPad Treasure Hunt games available to choose from. We have tried one called the “Mission Possible”. What was it about? 

iPad treasure hunt

Secret agents divided into two teams are trying to complete the quest within a 2 hour time frame and collect as many points as possible. Each team has its own iPad with unique software that guides you to various spots on the map. Once you reach the given spot, a task opens up on your iPad. You have six mandatory tasks which unlock gradually and over 40 other tasks for extra points. You have to try to complete as many as possible, so your team ends up with higher score than the other team. And all of this happens in the beautiful streets of Bratislava’s Old Town!


This game is ideal for travelers or locals who want to have some fun together, compete against each other and do crazy things in the city center. For some questions, you need to use your logical or arithmetical skills but the majority of the tasks requested creativity, craziness and courage. We will not tell you more not to spoil the surprise but be ready to go beyond your limits to unleash yourself. And your courage will not be forgotten – photos and videos serve as a proof of the task done :)


It was cool that the Event Manager explained us the basic game rules before playing. It was much easier than studying it in advance. Get ready for a lot of walking – have comfortable shoes and clothes. 

iPad treasure hunt

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The game happens right in the streets of the city center, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Old Town. However, do not expect to be educated about Bratislava through the game. It is rather a fun game which allows you to enjoy the magical vibe of Bratislava’s streets and admire its beauties but does not intend to provide information about the city.

iPad treasure hunt

The best part for us was the actual competition between the two teams. Therefore we really recommend you to have enough people to be able to form two teams to compete. The great game element was the option to influence the other team by sending them negative magic tricks through your iPad to make their quest harder. 

iPad treasure hunt

We liked that we got an USB key at the end of the game with all the pictures, videos and overview of the scores and answers. A nice way to remember your trip and this crazy adventure!

iPad treasure hunt  iPad treasure hunt

Book your MISSION POSSIBLE game or try their other alternative called CATCH THE  MONKEY!

Author: Maria Kecsoova


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