Have you ever tried a black burger sprinkled with edible gold? You don’t need to fly to Dubai to do so. A Slovak family has recently opened a family business in Bratislava offering street food classics in a fancy and out of ordinary way, blurring the lines between visual art and dining. Generation Z, get your camera ready. The most instagrammable shots are waiting in the Jump Street!


Located in one of the most beautiful neo gothic buildings on Safarikovo Square, Jump Street is easily accessible from all points in the Old Town. Eurovea shopping centre, the Danube embankment or the Old Bridge are all in its very proximity.

Jump Street

The building is nestled just around the corner and a few steps away from the iconic Duck Fountain. Its distinctive light green color will guide your way. In order to access the restaurant, you need to descend couple of stairs to get to the underground premises.  


Everything here is designed in a way to wow you. Sleek, luxurious, sophisticated… descriptions like this roll off the tongue when entering the premises. The modern elegance of the black walls, copper accessories and expensive marble create the intimate yet lively atmosphere.

Jump Street Bratislava

Comfy leather chairs, a dominant bar and even black toilets are distinctive designer elements that form this fashionable space. Trust us, you want to come here to enjoy the unbeatable high quality food in a rich and luxurious atmosphere under the starry sky. Yes, that’s right, the ceiling is mimicking the night sky to complete your VIP experience.

Jump Street Bratislava

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Jump Street is fighting the hipster minimal concept by removing the borders of the street food concept and thinking outside of the box. Street food does not necessarily need to be about greasy fast meals and grabbing a quick bite on the go. This place serves the street food classics in a fashionable way and in the elegant, posh surroundings.

The owners are a family – father, mother and son who come from the fashion industry and bring their love for style into the field of gastronomy. This concept might not be for everybody but we have no doubts that the generation Z that loves sharing ephemeral moments in a short-lived stories, videos and pictures, will be on cloud nine here! During the past couple of weeks, this place took over the local social media :D

What we love about this place is the young energy it has. The owner’s son who came up with the concept, the staff and the chef are all young guys eager to share their passion for this place with their guests.


Oh but the food, the food. Jump Street is intentionally progressive, striving to push the boundaries of the street food. Its menu is studded with street food dishes like burgers, wraps, fries, grilled chicken wings or ribs.

All the dishes we tried were lip-smacking. All of them have carefully curated recipes and trusted ingredients suppliers. Let’s, for example, start with the Jump Street’s flagship, the black golden burger. The black bun is provided by a supplier who bakes it based on a recipe carefully developed in cooperation with the owners. It has just the right amount of butter to make it taste creamy and not too dry. The meat used is the Black Angus type that comes from Australia or South America, which makes the burger juicy and full of flavors. And the fries are one of the best we’d had in town so far! The eating experience is completed by a small detail – black gloves – in which you eat your burger and a stylish way. Especially the ladies will appreciate that:)

Jump Street Bratislava

Another popular item is a duck wrap with shredded duck meat roasted for 12 hours.  

What we definitely recommend to try are the marinated ribs with the best BBQ sauce we’d had in a long time. BTW, all of the sauces here are home-made, based on own recipes. The menu caters for vegetarians and vegans as well. 

Jump Street Bratislava

As for the desserts, our champion was a salty caramel cheesecake.

Jump Street Bratislava

When you order your food as take-away, one of the most iconic things here is their packaging. You get a stylish packaging that is almost tempting to keep!

Jump Street also offers daily lunch menus that include a soup, a main dish and a lemonade.

You might wonder about the price tags here. Surprisingly, the prices of the majority of the dishes meets the Old Town average and corresponds with the location and the quality you get. The golden burger is an exception and is much pricier than an average burger in town. But come on, we’re talking precious metals here, right?!

Thinking about a night out? The drinking menu contains several signature cocktails as well as cocktail classics, wines or shots to start your glamorous party.

We should mention that the place gets quite noisy in the evenings, playing loud music which makes it hard to talk. Also, make sure that you make an advance bookings if visiting during the weekend evenings.

If you are visiting the city for a couple of days and are tired of the traditional Slovak meals, this is definitely a different gastro experience to try :) What do you think – will you try the black burger with golden sprinkles in black gloves under the starry sky?

Author & photo credits: Zuzana Mytna

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