Sightseeing in Bratislava is not just about tasting traditional food, visiting museums or other places but you can also experience something crazy, adventurous and amazing at the same time. Have you heard of the Lafranconi jump?


The name of the adrenaline attraction „Lafranconi jump“ already says a lot about its location. It is named after the Lafranconi Bridge that connects Karlova Ves and Petrzalka neighborhood and from which you’ll be jumping.

lafranconi jump

If you wanna take the public transportation, you can get on tram 4, 6, 8 or 9, and from the city center it takes just around 6 minutes. The exact spot of the jump on the bridge is closer to the Petrzalka’s end of the bridge.

lafranconi jump


By jumping from the Lafranconi Bridge, you will be swinging 20 metres over the Danube river! How cool is that, right? As scary as it sounds, as we will describe you in detail later on, the rush of endorphines after the jump is totally priceless.

lafranconi jump

The jump is administered in full safety outside of the ships‘ sailing  trails. The provider Jairo Outdoor uses the mountain climbing equipment that can carry a car, so it should be strong enough to carry your big personality, too :D And the helpful and cheerful instructors are available for you all the time during the activity, including the necessary kick from the bridge if needed :)

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2 days before the jump: Yay, very very excited!
1 day before the jump: Can’t wait!
The day of the jump: Well, excited but getting nervous.
5 mins before the jump: (while the staff is helping us put the harness on): Omg why am I doing this?
1 min before the jump: (stepping on the bridge rails): Getting cold feet. Not happening. Too scared. No way I am doing this.
5 sec before the free fall jump: Loved y’all.
Free fall: (screaming) —-
5 sec after the jump: (while screaming, screaming, smiling but screaming mostly): Oh dear, this is… YEEEEEES! I am breathing, I am alive! This is unbelievable!
20 sec after the jump: I am so brave! (relaxed, swinging on the rope over the Danube river)
1 min after the jump: Has this really happened? I forced myself to jump from the bridge and felt that power and freedom during the free fall.
5 min after the jump: (on the bridge again): Smiling, happy, crazy, satisfied… let’s do it again!
15 min after the jump: (getting on the tram) – My legs are still shaking from that adventure but every milisecond was worth it. One of the most adventurous things in my life. Mum, you should try it, too! :)

lafranconi jump

lafranconi jump

The best part of this activity is that you can decide how to perform the jump. You can jump from the sitting position, the standing  position or (for those more adventurous) as a „plane“.

(source: Jairo Outdoor FB page)


Jairo Outdoor agency offers jumps for groups every Sunday from 2 pm – 5 pm, so just choose the best date and 3..2..1…JUMP! If you are a group of at least 10 people, you can agree on a different day and time more suitable for you, too. The jumps are on from February till end of November, usually December and January is paused because of the weather, but if you are too keen, contact them and you might come to an individual agreement.

The regular price for the individual jump is 28 € but we have a special discount for our readers! If you use the code WTB in your online order, you will only pay 19 €!

The minimum sum to agree on an individual date/time, whether you are a group or a couple, is 120 €. So if you are for instance 10 people, it will cost you 12 € per person, or as a couple you will pay 60 € each. Sounds fair to us!

If you also want a video capturing your experience, you can pay extra 10 € to get the footage. There is a considerable discount for the Jairo Outdoor Loyalty Card holders.

On top of the Lafranconi Jump, they also focus on full range of adrenaline activities including river rafting, mountain climbing, tandem skydiving and paragliding.


You can book your jump at or through their contact form. For more information, visit their website where you can see all the jumping variations mentioned above. To make sure to get a spot for the preferred date, you have to book the jump at least 2 days in advance.

NOTE: The minimum age for the jump is 18 years, if you are younger, you need to be accompanied by a parent or have their permission. The minimum height is 140 cm.

Authors: Radka Horakova, Martin Komlos

full-time OPEN HOURS: every Sunday 2 pm – 5 pm or upon agreement, February – November
my-account ADDRESS: Lafranconi Bridge (Petrzalka end)
PRICING: 28 € regular fee, 19 € with our discount code WTB
finished-work CONNECT: Website, Facebook


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