Learn Slovak or any new language you’ve always admired and never found the time to! Check this overview of language schools in Bratislava where you can practice and perfect your Slovak and learn where you can take the state exam to prove your level. Browse through the language centers that offer teaching other foreign languages and see where you can sign up for a preparation course for any international certificate. In the same time, you will find out which international schools located in our capital teach in different languages :) Happy learning!


Language School 1SJS
This school offers Slovak language courses for foreigners – all the basic, intermediate and advanced level. Preparations for state examination possible, too. The courses start in September. Applications for the course attendance can be sent also in the second term (from February), on the basis of an entrance test. The school has a branch on Vazovova Street and Palisády (both Old Town).

Akadémia slovenčiny
Make fast progress and learn exactly what you need and when you have time. The lessons in Akadémia Slovenčiny are matched with your specific requirements and timetable. In a group with maximum 5 to 9 participants you will learn Slovak much better and faster than in a big group. For all the participants to form a homogeneous group in their Slovak course, the school has 12 different levels in order to differentiate between knowledge levels. You are welcome to visit their office in the downtown (Panská Street) to take a written and oral placement test. You can take the test online as well.

Slovak Friends language school
Slovak Friends language school is a school focused on Slovak language for foreigners only.  Therefore there are open courses every month all year round covering all proficiency levels.  The school has been found by two good friends and this sense of friendship is present in every corner and moment of the school. Small class sizes are a must for them. Their customer service is available 7 days a week.You can find this school in the downtown of Bratislava. Beside courses, they also organize various social events, so it can happen very easily that you’ll become friends after few:)

International House Bratislava
The International House Bratislava, besides others, offers Slovak courses for foreigners. Join a conversation class or choose an individual Slovak course. You can prepare yourself for the ECL Exam, too, in order to get your Slovak language certificate. If you want something quick, try the Slovak Basic Flexi. It is a three day course of Slovak for foreigners (3 x 6 hour). Students will learn basic Slovak vocabulary and develop communication skills. After taking part in the course the students are able to create simple sentences and communicate in a restaurant, in a shop or on the street at a basic level. The school also offers summer intensive courses of Slovak held in July and August. A program called „Study Abroad“ is also on their „menu,“ which includes accommodation in a host family or in an apartment, meals, and cultural life.

Canadian Billingual Institute
This school has its own elaborated online system for language level testing and claims to be using modern technologies in teaching. It offers individual, semi-individual and group courses for children, youths as well as seniors. Business language courses and summer intensive language courses are available to join, too.

iCan Language School
The organization offers different courses of Slovak language. A course for university studies that will help you to prepare for university entrance exams, and you will be able to continue your education on the same basis as the Slovaks. Another course is for an easier admission to a Slovak school (for children from 15 ys). The course „Slovak language for life“ will be helpful especially when you decide to find a job in Slovakia and for normal communication and life. Finally, you can take the course „Slovak language for business use.“

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Slovak English Language Studio
A small, friendly language studio providing courses only in small groups (max. 6 students). The school is located on Konventná Street in the Old Town.

Akademia Ene
Akademia Ene provides Spanish courses as well as Slovak courses for foreigners. For more information visit their webpage.

Internationals Bratislava
The organization Internationals Bratislava organizes various events fr expats living in our capital. One of their fairly regular event is a Slovak language course for foreigners. Please check their event website or Facebook page for the current offer.

Slovenský Inštitút Vzdelávania
This institute offers a large variety of languages, among which Slovak for foreigners is included as well. Their website is in Slovak only so we recommend to get in touch with them for further details.

The E-KU Institute of Language and Intercultural Communication
The institute, among other languages, offers Slovak courses for foreigners as well as for migrants. It is also the testing center for ECL (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages) and provides the state language examinations, too. It provides language testing of foreigners and grants the certificate confirming the level of the Slovak language. Their website is in Slovak only so we recommend to get in touch with them for further details.
This is an amazing multilingual website where foreigners can learn Slovak language for free! This portal contains language courses at different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2) with many exercises, tests and dictionaries – everything you need familiarize yourself with Slovak grammar, learn new words, or even interact with other users of this site. In addition, learn about Slovakia and its attractions!


The list starts with those organizations that offer the biggest variety of languages and ends with those which provide only English courses.

International House Bratislava
– languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovak
– morning and evening groups or one to one courses
– Cambridge English exams, FCE & CAE preparation courses, IELTS preparation courses, Business English, Legal English

Canadian Billingual Institute
– languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Slovak
– courses for children, youths as well as seniors

– languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic
– as one of the several schools it offers special courses (International Negotiations, Special Sales Skills, Life and Institutions of English Speaking Countries, Legal English, Insurance English, Business English I, II, III and other
– Vista is an accredited centre of Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the company produces tests such as TOEIC and TOEFL

Elite Language Center
– languages: English (Business & Legal), French
– the biggest American language school in Slovakia

– languages: Spanish
– only native Spanish teachers
– preparation for DELE (Spanish official exams)

Slovak English Language Studio
– languages: Enlish, Slovak
– general English, Business English, Legal English, English conversations, general Slovak
– Cambridge ESOL exams preparation

iCan Language School
– languages: English, Slovak
– both languages provided at these levels: for university, for life, communications and business

Akademia Ene
– languages: Spanish, Slovak
– Spanish courses for foreigners of all levels, Spanish in Spain option

British Council
– languages: English
– for children, teenagers, adults, university students
– preparation courses for certifications & the place to take the exams: IELTS, Cambridge English exams, Aptis – Assess English Skills, professional and university exams, international GCSE and A levels

United English Institute
– languages: English
– Business and general English, Skype courses

English Academy
– languages: English
– the focus is on Legal English
– the school specializes in the direct creative communication code with interactive modes

MHC Business Language Training
– languages: English
– corporate business language trainings
– exam preparation for the Cambridge ESOL, ILEC and ICFE

– languages: English
– courses for children, youths, adults and special courses for moms with kids
– English club for children each Saturday morning for kids from 6 ys
– daily English camps and summer English camps for kids

Easy Lingua
– languages: English
– group or one to one courses, conversation courses, general and Business English

English International School of Bratislava
– the school offers an all round international educational experience for people wishing to place their children in a private school
– it is based on the academic standards found in a typical British independent school
– it provides a holistic education through challenging cross-curricular instruction inspiring students to become active, caring and independent life-long learners

Galileo School
– a private kindergarten, primary school and high school with the studies in English language

Click here for the list of international schools in Bratislava teaching in different languages.


The list starts with those organizations that offer the biggest variaty of languages and ends with those which provide only English courses.

– languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Slovak, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Arabic, Swedish

Slovenský Inštitút Vzdelávania
– languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, oriental languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese)
– preparation courses for the leaving high school exam as well as university needs

– languages: English (group & individ.), German (group & individ.), Spanish (group & individ.), Russian (individ.), French (individ.), Italian (individ.), Chinese (individ.)
– preparation courses for Cambridge certificates & IELTS

– languages: English, French, German, Spanish,  Italian, Russian, Slovak
– total immersion courses (12 hours per day), speed weekend courses, F2F courses, Skype courses, duo courses (2 people max), groups of 3-6 people

Plus Academia
– languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
– online courses available
– language courses abroad (thanks to partnering with other schools)

Nordic Center Bratislava
– languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish
– group or one to one courses

– languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish
– group or one to one courses
– the school has an accreditation for teaching with a Callan method

Your choice
– languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian
– courses for children and adults

Centrum Jazykov
– languages: English, German, Finnish, Turkish

– languages: English, German, French
– certificates FCE, CAE, TOEIC and TFI

Asia Info Center
– languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese
– native lectors, online live lessons as well

– languages: English, French
– English: daily super intensive courses, half intensive courses, conversations, year-round children’s program, Business English; French: one to one, two to one individual courses
– preparation courses for university level English/French, FCE/CAE/BEC certificates

– languages: English, German
– group, individual courses, special weekend courses

The Bridge
– languages: English
– group or one to one courses
– conversation courses, Business English, Legal English, preparation for certificates (BEC HIGHER, ILEC, FCE, CAE)

Lemon Language Center
– languages: English
– intensive and half intensive weekend courses, courses for children, group & individual sessions, Skype lessons

The English Club
– languages: English
– a small private school with 3-5 full-time teachers
– preparation courses for Cambridge tests, TOEFL, Business English

Flying Solutions
– languages: English
– only native speakers as teachers
– group or one to one courses, Skype courses

Hainburg Institut
– languages: German
– advantage of learning German directly in Austria but close to the borders. The journey takes only 10 minutes from Petržalka by car and there is also a public transport connection.
– group (option of smaller groups of 2, 3 or 4 students or a regular group of 7-14 students) or one to one courses

La Latina
– languages: Spanish
– only native speakers as teachers
– small and big groups, one to one courses, conversation courses, preparation for official examinations (DELE)

The Portuguese Institute
– languages: European and Brazilian Portuguese
– individual classes, Skype classes, and preparation for certificates: CIPLE, DEPLE, DIPLE, DAPLE, DUPLE
– both Slovaks and native speakers as lecturers
– accredited by the Ministry of Education

Author: Maria Kecsoova


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    I am a Bangladeshi citizen. I am very much interested to study at your institute.
    Would you please reply, how to get visa to study at your institute?

    • Hi Mohamed, each language school has different pricing and times when you can join the courses… you will need to look at the chosen websites and decide for yourself what works best for you :)


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