¡Hola amigos! A modern take on traditional Spanish tapas has joined the Bratislava food scene and we think it is must-try. Equal parts trendy and charming, Mecheche is the ideal spot for a night out with friends, an afterwork drink, or a romantic evening of amazing wine, thoughtful service, and contemporary yet classic dining.


Neighboring the beautiful Nedbalka Gallery, Mecheche is nestled just around the corner and a few steps away from the iconic Laurinská Gate entrance into Old Town. Nedbalova is one of the oldest streets in the city and it lends a romance to the location that sets the mood for the night ahead.



Mimicking the paving-stone lined walkway outside, the walls and bars of Mecheche capture the feel of hand-laid brick and rustic – but modern – elegance. The walls are painted a smokey slate hue which allows the colorful, gorgeously presented food to really pop. There is a long bar-top with rows of tapas and the obligatory Spanish hams hung on display, but the true visual treat is the glass two story wine room that you can view from both floors.


Speaking of wine, the list here is extensive and highlights the best wine regions of Spain. Their selections of sparkling wine is impressive, too. The sparkling Rosé by the glass was a delightful pairing with the tapas. And try one of the many reds if you are in the mood for a bottle of wine – the list is international, approachable, and fun. Plus it is the perfect excuse to drink a bottle of Rioja or two with friends.


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It may seem obvious, but the tapas here are themselves worth the visit. The selection varies each night and always includes vegetarian and pescatarian options. You can look forward to the amazing grilled vegetables with tapenade or white anchovies with roasted peppers. The ingredients are quality and each bite showcases the authentic flavors of Spain. This is food made with love, folks. And if the chef is serving the jamón con Pimientos padrón the night you visit, grab two!



Not to be outdone by the tapas bar on the ground floor, the upstairs dining room serves an extended menu of Spanish themed entrées and share-plates. While not exclusively Spanish, their Slepačie Consommé (chicken soup) is the best we have had in Bratislava so far. The broth is made from a rich brown stock and loaded with tender roasted chicken and toothsome house-made pasta.


Their main dish options especially highlight the quality of the pasta. We just loved the thick fresh pasta, perfectly al dente and lightly sauced. No one ingredient overpowers in Mecheche’s main courses, and this is especially true here. The Domáce Linguine is the house seafood pasta, and perhaps one of the restaurant’s most refined dishes. It relies mainly on fresh, briny seafood, bright tomatoes and lemon, and a delicate finish of butter. But the pasta itself is chewy and rich and we could curl up with it by the bowlful. The romantic Spanish coast meets grandma’s kitchen table – abuelas and babičky united.


Meat lovers will find tasty options here as well. Their duck with mashed peas for example was a joy to eat, crunchy pieces covered in gravy and a light side dish will fulfill your stomach but not make you feel like you’ve eaten too much. Fully recommended!


On top of the excellent meals, they will make you one of the best cocktails in town!


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