Who said that Gin& Tonic must be only a colorless long drink on ice garnished with a wedge of lime or slice of cucumber? Mini Bar by SPIN on Panska Street that has transformed itself from Negroni and shot bar into Gin&Tonic place, will definitely  widen your horizons in this specific field and you will be surprised how many different tastes you can find in this fresh summer drink.


You can find the mini Bar in the very heart of Bratislava, on Panska Street, next to the British Council. It used to be the best address in town during the reign of Maria Theresa, hosting luxurious palaces of the Hungarian aristocracy. This location gives mini Bar a big advantage; however, we are sure it would have the same popularity on any other Old Town’s street.


It’s very easy to describe the interior – mini Bar is an exact copy of SPIN cocktail bar but with a small twist. Probably inspired by a new movie „Downsizing“ with Matt Damon, everything here is a half size smaller, including the bar and the barmans, too :D We heard it was one of the job requirements during the interviews for the post here.

You can expect nothing less than a relaxed atmosphere, intimate lights and professional service – which all became their signature sign with the first SPIN branch. This place is somewhat crazier and creates a more spontaneous drinking culture.

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What definitely attracts your attention is the laboratory above the bar glowing with the mysterious green light. Interior can accommodate up to 12 people and there is a place for 16 extra guests on the outside terrace.


As the name suggests, mini Bar by SPIN is a new creation of the same team that is behind a well-known SPIN me around-POP up cocktail bar which we already praised so many times! As you cannot expect nothing but originality and creativity from these guys, mini Bar is also a non-traditional concept where impeccable cocktails cannot be missing! They change the concept of their drinks seasonally, so while in winter they focused on shots, summer is the time for some Gin&Tonic!


Not everybody is a fan of gin or tonic due to their specific taste. That’s exactly why you should come here and ask the bartenders for advice. There is not only one kind of gin as well as there is not only one kind of tonic. Every gin has it own specific taste because of the botanicals used during the production process. In mini Bar by SPIN you can choose from 23 different gins and every particular gin goes with the specific type of mixer – the one  from 13 different tonics that suits it the most.

The staff, well trained, will be happy to advise you the best combination. And for gin non-experts this bar also offers a special hint – gins are divided into categories – Worldwide, Spiced (more suitable for gentlemen) and Fruity&Floral (ladies’ choice). And for even a better navigation they created a graph, a map in the menu – in case you do not know if that particular gin is more sweet or spicy, floral or citrus. In total, you can choose from 15 different Gin&Tonic drinks. By the way, do you know what is the best ratio of gin and tonic? It is said that it should be 1(gin):3(tonic) but in this bar they know  that not everybody likes it the same – that is why the drinks are served with the tonic in the bottle on the side so you can mix it according to your preferences. On the other hand, that makes all the drinks more expensive, but please note that you’ll receive only the tonics of great quality.

What we recommend is Tanqueray no.10 for guys, because of its spicy flavour with the significant citrus hint, served with pink grapefruit tonic and frozen raspberries. Girls would surely appreciate a drink called Hayman’s sloe that is more floral in taste and colorful because of strawberries and mediterranean orange tonic. What blew our mind was G’Vine Floraison with its unbelievable scent of fresh grape in garden and eatable flowers inside the glass. Simply the beauty among the cocktails!

As we mentioned before, the mini Bar by SPIN used to be a shot bar and people still use to come here asking for shots and bartenders will not let them down as they kept some of the shots in the menu. The most famous ones – Blow job and Women revenge – are a must on every bachelor or crazy birthday party. In fact, the staff can prepare you any drink, you just need to ask for what you like – including their famous negroni.

Do you still want something more? Guess what – there is a „Gin&Tonic of the week“ which is a cocktail made up by staff that cannot be found anywhere else. Cheers!


This place is ideal for “tour de bar” nights – you can start your bar tour here (they open at 5 pm), stop here during it or finish it off here (open generously until 3 am for all the party goers). Who would refuse a few quick drinks before saying good night?

And don’t forget to ask for your take-away shot :)

Source of some photos: Mini Bar by SPIN

Author: Zuzana Mytna

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