Swim under the pine trees in the natural water with no chemicals, enjoy green grass areas or explore beautiful water lilies. Natural swimming pool Borovica is definitely one of our top places for this summer!

natural swimming pool Borovica


Swimming pool Borovica lies approximately 20 minutes from Bratislava, near Lozorno. The ideal way to get there is by car. Take D2 highway with direction Malacky/Brno, pass the Bory shopping mall and approximately 14 km after Bory, turn right (after the overpass) to Zohor. Continue approximately 5 km until you reach Kamenny mlyn – Vajarsky. This is your destination – the swimming pool  is part of this area. Turn left, towards the hotel. You will see a big parking space where you can leave your car.  Follow the road behind the ramp. The swimming pool lies on the right side of the hotel.



The first reason why we added this place among our favourite places for this summer is the natural swimming pool itself. There are no chemicals used to keep the water clean and yet, the water is clean and fresh. It is thanks to the water plants in the filtration areas connected to the swimming pool that clean the water naturally. In this way, the natural swimming pool respects nature as well as your health.

Those of you who are afraid of being entangled in the water plants – no worries, the plants are separated from the swimming area, so you will have no contact with them at all. The only “unconventional” feeling for us were the swimming pool walls and bottom with their slick layers of slime.


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The length of the swimming pool is 80 m and maximum depth is 2 m – this means that the depth gradually increases and the whole swimming pool has kind of two parts – one for the swimmers (with a bigger depth) and one for the non-swimmers (with a smaller depth).

The surrounding is just beautiful – you can enjoy the view of blooming water lilies, watch dragonflies or small frogs in the filtration part. There is green and soft grass everywhere and you will find a lot of spots with shadow thanks to the magnificent pine trees which gave name to this swimming pool (Borovica translates as a pine).

If you prefer a deckchair, there is plenty of those as well. We also liked that the place was not super crowded each time when we came (and we made sure to come at different times of the day).


The place is ideal for families with small children. This is not just because of the already mentioned green grass and plenty of shadow. The main reason is a children’s pool covered with a tarp ensuring that there is a shadow for the little ones. It has 5m x 5m size with water of approximately 30 degrees. The kids can also enjoy a nice playground, a bouncy castle, swings, trampoline and a sandpit. There is also a small pool with fish and turtles.


The adults can look forward to the facilities for a beach volleyball, badminton, table tennis or football.

Another advantage are modern a changing room and quite clean toilettes. There is also a food stand with several snack options such as pizza, fish or langoš. Nothing special but good enough to save you if you are hungry. There is also a restaurant outside of the swimming pool area.

We hope this is enough reasons to motivate you to try this little paradise by yourself! Let us know how you liked it :)

Author: Zuzana Mytna

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