If you are not a fan of raw or gluten-free cakes, we have a local tip for you! The small patisserie Nebo pieklo in Ružinov is the creme de la creme when it comes to patisseries with own baked cakes. Try their heavenly caramel cheesecake which we think is the best in town!


In order to enjoy one of the best patisseries in town, you need to get outside of your comfort zone and travel a bit – away from the Old Town. Nebo pieklo lies in the Ružinov neighborhood, a popular residential area which is home to many young Slovak families. You will not find many tourists here, actually none at all. Take tram 8 or 9 and get off at stop “Súmračná.”


Nebo pieklo has a very clean and cosy space with a lot of light and Nordic feel. Pastel colored sofas, light brown wooden furniture and white chairs make us feel like in Scandinavia. And if you happen to be here alone, you can enjoy your coffee while watching people passing by through the big windows.

The place also has a small kids corner with many lego pieces for kids to play with. It is located further from the tables (as guests without kids were not happy when it was closer before), so you have to count with moving between your table and your little ones :) Or there is a small “counter” next to the kids corner where you can move a chair and enjoy your piece of heaven.


As the name indicates, this place is heavenly (Nebo pieklo translates as The heaven baked)! And why to visit this place? It is one of the few patisseries that offers own cakes and avoids new trends like raw or vegan cake versions.

Instead, Nebo pieklo prefers to specialize in old-school traditional cakes. When baking, they follow the rule of simplicity. The ingredients they use in their recipes are simple: butter, cream, chocolate, nuts, almonds, poppy seeds,  caramel, berries, lemon or vanilla. They also love to keep the cakes simple when decorating them in order to make their natural taste, fragrance and color stand out. It was established in 2015 and the cake offer is based on the family recipes or own creations of the owners.

You can also order a cake for the special occasions or decide for a take-away option (for both coffee and cakes).

And you know what is even better? That you can try these cakes even without travelling to Ružinov, as they provide them to some cafes in the city center, for example to a popular hipster hangout U Kubistu.


You cannot go wrong with any of the cakes here. From superlative punch cake (with fresh raspberries and rum) to die for, the poppyseed cake and marvellous mini sacher cakes, up to the best caramel cheesecake we have ever tried in Bratislava (the texture was divine!). And all of their cakes look just perfect, to the smallest detail.

We also ought to mention delicious mini carrot cakes which made it to our list of good carrot cakes in Bratislava.

The staff is very nice and prices affordable. This place is simply heaven for us!

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