The evolution of transportation has gone a long way since we replaced horses with 4-wheel boxes and, for now, the trend seems to be “swift and electric”. 

With the commodification of time, there’s pressure on getting from A to B in the most efficient way possible. So why not combine the flexibility of a pedestrian with the speed of a motorized vehicle? All that with a smile on your face and a clear conscious for not leaving a carbon footprint. We rented the electric scooters in Bratislava and had a blast!

Renting electric scooters in Bratislava


You book, you come, you conquer the road. The procedure is simple, and the people at Topkolobezky are very pleasant. Their office (and a pickup place for the scooters) is located on Obchodna Street in the city center. You need to walk into a passage – the same one as where the Hyde Park Hostel is. 

Renting electric scooters in Bratislava

First and foremost, it is necessary to inquire about availability in advance. There are multiple options, ranging from 1 hour to the entire weekend. No worries, the weekend rental starts on Friday and ends on Monday at the same time. They even claim to make you a good price in case you decide to rent the scooters for your entire holiday. 

The scooters are capable of doing 25 km on a single charge, one model even 36 km  –but this depends also on the riders’s weight. 

Renting electric scooters in Bratislava

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We actually also tested the one with a child seat and the kid loved it. To quote our little WtB princess: “Moooooooore.” :) Except for the one for your child, which was really heavy, the other scooters were fairly light and, most importantly, foldable. Took about 5 seconds to fold or unfold them. 

It is important to note that the officials are considering reclassifying electric scooters in Slovakia. What that means, in reality, is that you will not be able to ride it on a sidewalk but on the road. That’s, quite frankly, not a big win in a Slovak city. Nevertheless, so far so good and you may enjoy the comfort of riding an electric scooter with the safety of our sidewalks (most probably until January 2020). Try to avoid the throngs in the Old Town, though.

Renting electric scooters in Bratislava

In any case, we strongly recommend wearing helmets. One of our friends posted a picture the day after our testing of him adorned by bruises inflicted upon him after falling off the electric scooter. True story.

Although you can ride them anywhere, there will always be some places more suitable than the others. We loved cruising along the Danube embankment, from under the SNP Bridge to River Park. The scooters become priceless on the way to work, from other Bratislava boroughs. Feel free to fold them any time and hop on the bus. But then, why would you, right?  :)

Renting electric scooters in Bratislava


“I will never walk again.” That was the reaction of one of our testers just after recovering from a high-speed (from the pedestrian perspective) chase on electric scooters. These things are fun! Furthermore, they are compact, eco-friendly, and easy to use. You can always switch to leg power, however, once you feel the breeze caressing your face and cooling you during the summer heat waves, hovering a few inches above the ground, walking becomes obsolete. 

Renting electric scooters in Bratislava

You don’t have to worry about parking anymore, not to mention your cool entrance into the office. :) Give it a shot.

Author: Tomas Mytny, photo credits: Zuzana Mytna

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  1. I am travelling to Bratislava from the Uk with 2 friends on Thursday 12/3 we are thinking of hiring electric scooters to travel around the city for a few hours on either the Friday or the Saturday can you let me know how much and when we would need to book please


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