Rozhybkosti is an interactive and the one of its kind festival in Slovakia, where visitors, from the morning to evening can take part in dance, music and singing, and craft courses with the feeling that they have not only seen something, but also learned something. That´s what makes this festival very special and unique!

The festival takes place from 18 – 21 July in Východná in Liptov Region which is located approximately 313 km from Bratislava. This festival offers a great opportunity to learn about Slovak traditions, explore forgotten crafts and enjoy plenty of movement. It’s definitely worth a trip. As you will read below, on top of the festival, there are plenty of sights and activities to do in this geographical area. Moreover, your kids are welcome!


Let´s dance

They will teach you how to dance! It doesn´t matter that you do not master the basic steps, it is important to learn something new and not be ashamed, the rest will be provided by experienced lecturers. The courses are designed for people who have never tried folk dancing, or just briefly tried them at the occasions of various celebrations. Advanced dance courses are designed for more experienced dancers from ensembles, but also self-taught dancers. Lessons take place in two dance spaces.

Learn from the best

Are you a musician and want to improve? Are you interested in working under the baton of experienced musicians? Thanks to the professional musicians, you can acquire new knowledge during the festival, learn new music styles and use this knowledge in your professional or personal life.

Do you sing always and everywhere? Folk singing courses are intended for both beginners and advanced singers. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, this year you will learn songs from the Gemer region from Kokava nad Rimavicou and Silická Brezová.

Open your mind to creativity

Craft courses are prepared for all folk craft lovers and thus for the general public. The organizers have approached masters who are committed to returning to our roots, protecting, preserving and developing crafts.

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Eat locally

What would be a festival without the great gastronomic experience? Rozhybkosti is a traditional Slovak festival, and therefore the visitors can enjoy a great selection of traditional Slovak cuisine but also the typical dishes from the region.

Bring your kids

Children are welcome! Professional animators and trainers will take care of your children while you learn. Plus, there will be an all-day program prepared for them. You will enjoy great courses and the dance and movement instructors will take care of the children at the same time.

Hard to imagine all of this? Then watch this promo video fro the last year:


As we already mentioned, festival Rozhybkosti takes place in Východná in Liptov Region which is located approximately 313 km from Bratislava.

The fastest way of getting to the festival is to go by car. The highway ride takes less than 3,5 hours and on your way you might stop in other charming cities of Slovakia such as Banská Bystrica, Zvolen, Žilina, and Martin.

The train and bus is also an option. It takes approximately 4,5 – 5 hours to get to the final destination. The best way to search for the train and bus connections is to visit this website (available also in English) where you can search for the best connections depending on the time of departure. The final stop you want to get to is called „Východná Nahálka“. Once you get to the final destination, it takes 15 minutes walking to get to the festival – address is „Amphitheater Východná“.

No matter for which way of transportation you decide, the most important is to get to the festival and enjoy its atmosphere to the fullest! :)

You can get the tickets here.


Here are some of the best things to do and places to visit, recommended by the main organizer of the festival Vlado Michalko who is also a local in the region.


The village of Východná has preserved its traditional folk architecture. The wooden area in the village is a venue for ethnographic festivities with a view of the majestic panorama of Kriváň and the Tatras. The dominant feature of the amphitheatre is the 28m high observation tower Májka. In the centre of the complex is the Small Scene – a smaller stage surrounded by seating areas. The amphitheatre architecture is also interesting. There are people’s wooden sculptures in several places, a permanent natural exposition that can be seen at any time.


The small scene offers beautiful panoramic views of the vast surroundings as well as the natural treasure of Slovakia – the Tatra Mountains. More info.

Water mills in the valley Kvačianska dolina

The water mills are from the first half of the 19th century, when they were located just next to an important road, which connected the regions Liptov and Orava with Poland. In 1936 one of the mills was adapted into a saw mill. Reconstructed and functional water mills. These are relatively easy to cross through the beautiful Kvačianska Valley. The water mills in the valley Kvačianska dolina are considered to be among the mountain type of mills. They are also recognized as the most beautiful Slovak valleys, in the mountain range Chočské vrchy. This natural monument, is also very unique, due to the fact, that it is one of the last existing monuments of its kind. More info.

Farm Východná

Near the amphitheatre in the woods below Kriváň is the farm Východná where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature.  Trying the locally produced BIO cheeses is a must when visiting the farm! Located 930 meters above the sea level, farm Východná is the highest organic farm in the region of Liptov. The farm is mainly known for its positive attitude towards the nature, and int the same time benefiting the people. Due to the high and unique quality of milk, produced in the mountain region of the High Tatras, the farm is focusing on producing the exclusive cheese delicacies. Not only the milk products are being produced on the farm, growing organic berries and herbs, and guided tours of the farm are part of the farm´s offering. More info.


The sightseeing reserve Vlkolínec or the museum Pribylina should not be certainly missed. The Liptov Village Museum differs significantly from other museums in nature, mainly in the form of buildings and structures. It is a picture of a medieval mansion with privileges and rights of small towns. In addition to wooden residential and farm buildings, representing the typical features of folk architecture of peasant and craft layers, there are also two rare medieval stone objects. All buildings together create a unique composition of the historical and cultural environment of the ancient Liptov. More info.


Demänovka Ice Cave

Demänovská Ice Cave represents the northern part of the world-famous Demänovské Caves. Not only the rich history, but also the rare cave fauna, appearance of permanent ice fill, bizarre and massive shapes of underground spaces are breath taking elements of this cave. When visiting the cave, the main path passes through enormous river corridors, interconnected by steep sections.


The combination of sinter and ice decoration creates a very interesting tour circuit where visitors can learn many interesting things.  More info.

Adrenaline Center

There are many various outdoor activities in the area of Liptov. The best place to experience an adrenaline and adventure is the Adrenaline Center Liptov. It offers different water sports such as rafting on wild water, on the ground activities and the activities in the air.  You can play paintball game, fly in a paragliding school, or play an adventure golf and in the same time, enjoy the beauty of the Liptov region. More info.

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