20th August is a date that all fans of rap probably had marked in their calendars already. Why? Because the movie about the most popular rapper of Slovakia and Czech Republic of all times, Patrik Vrbovsky aka Rytmus, had its premiere. And a version with English subtitles is coming, too – daily from Thursday 27.8., starting at 18.10, in Eurovea! You could already find and watch the teaser as well as the official trailer on YouTube. Now you have a chance to read an interview with the people behind this movie, including the crew and the big star himself, too.

Sidliskovy sen (Rytmus, the Street dream) is the first Czech-Slovak music document that will be distributed to general cinemas in both Slovakia and Czech Republic. When did the idea of creating this movie come?

Miro Drobny, director and producer:
„I met Patrik for the first time in 2007 when I was working on fairy tales for children, a project known as OVCE.sk. I asked him to dub a Romani version of the tales and it was then, in the studio, when I found out that he actually does not speak Romani. So I asked him whether he is or is not Roma as he was claiming. And this is basically how our cooperation started and where the main plot line of the movie was created. Originally we wanted to shoot the fate of people who were influenced by his work. For instance we contacted Michal Dvorak, the author of the first videos of Kontrafakt band of which Patrik is a member as well. This initial idea wasn’t eventually developed and the movie is going to be about something totally different.

One of the songs by Kontrafakt says „Our life is like a Slovak movie, a movie in which we don’t play but live.“ Have you ever thought that your life could become an actual Slovak movie?

„Definetely not. I started off with uploading videos of my music work on YouTube several years ago. When Miro Drobny came with the idea of making a time lapse movie, I thought: OK, let’s do it! I had no clue what the movie would be about. And yet everything from my personal life since the childhood times got into it.”

You were continuously shooting from 2007 till 2011, then you stopped for six months. Why?

“Miro tried to capture me in situations in which people didn’t know me. He was looking for something that could piss me off. He got to know I hated when people wake me up. And so he came to the place I lived at, with the whole crew, to wake me up shouting: Wake up, it’s the police! In that moment I quit believing him and stopped the shooting. I think if I were him, I would have probably done the same thing because I don’t like those films where people are praised and celebrated all the time. Miro wanted to make it different and when he showed it to me later on, I liked it.


Michal Dvorak, co-producent:
„During the whole time Patrik actually did not know what we were shooting. We didn’t show him the material once and this might have also been one of the reasons he just wanted us to stop. He didn’t understand the context. This movie is not a music document from his concerts. We are uncovering his most private moments to the world that he got to live through his career and personal development.”

Is there anything left in your private life that you kept for yourself and we will not find in the movie?

“I have been open to people all my life, I want to be authentic. I sleep better knowing there is nothing to hide. I based my career on saying things that nobody else had and have the balls to talk about. Even when something doesn’t work out well, I have a self-reflection to admit it. I might have had some kind of a mask before but with this movie there is no space for any mask anymore. Dealing with my own past has been a purification process for me.”

Rytmus - Patrik Vrbovsky

Something like finally concluding a chapter of your life?

“When it comes to my work, people can’t really expect that now, being 38, I will have the same opinions like when I was in my 20ies. I have closed down one chapter of my life but I’m not quitting.
I think that I have reached the peak in my career and don’t really need to „build“ it anymore – I’ll just deal with other things and try to do even better projects in the future.

Many people can’t cope with their fate, can’t move forward.

„Well this movie
’s helped me with exactly this thing, especially when it comes to the unsolved things with my mum. She’ll see the movie for the first time at its premiere. I don’t want her to interfere.

It took quite some time to approve the movie poster. Why did you choose this version?

„We had different ideas. First I wanted to be naked, like when the Terminator was sent from the future, but then I pictured myself in that position…
:) At last, we decided to take a photo with a simple tear. They say the truth is hidden behind the glasses. A tear can represent happiness, unhappiness, trauma… or an onion.“

Street dream movie poster

What is the source of your energy? Do you believe in God or have a commitment towards people in your surroundings?

„I only have a vision. I like to dream and think of the future. If you have a dream, it is already a 50 % success of achieving it. That’s what you need to follow. Many people are put off by their environment. Vision, will and discipline are the foundation of success for me. Things that I did well strengthened my confidence. I notice people who are better than me and say to myself: If they did it, why couldn’t I?“

Rytmus aka Patrik Vrbovsky

The questions were asked and discussed at a press conference during the Art Film Festival where the movie was officially presented to public. Don’t forget to watch the version with English subtitles – from Thursday 27.8. In Eurovea, always starting at 18.10!

Source of the pictures: www.sidliskovysen.sk, this Facebook page and Patrik’s FB page.

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