Sky bar has one of the most beautiful views on the Castle, St. Martin’s Cathedral and Old Town among the places in the city center. Located on the seventh floor, it is also called a vodka bar, offering seventy different kinds of exclusive vodkas but of course you can also choose from a wide selection of delicious cocktails. The bar serves as a restaurant, too, providing Mediterranean and Thai cuisine, so you can dine here enjoying the sun shining to your face or admiring the sun set in the evening.


Sky bar is seated on the 7th floor of a building at Hviezdoslav’s Square – the biggest square of Bratislava Old Town, a few metres from Danube river, next to the American Embassy. Surrounded with many bars and clubs, it is a perfect choice to have a starting drink here before continuing to enjoy the night dancing.

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This is the place to visit if you like super stylish bars with elegant waiters and perfect service. After entering, a smiling receptionist will welcome you so if you come here without making a reservation, she is the one who tells you whether you still can go upstairs or you need to wait. If you have a coat or something else to leave at the cloak roam, she will take care of that as well. If you want to visit this place during the day – for lunch or a coffee – you shall be OK without making a reservation upfront. However in the evenings, especially during the weekends, you won’t find place without a booking.

To get to the Sky Bar, you need to walk through the ground floor and take the left aisle to find the elevator. Push the button number 7 and when the doors open, another receptionist will welcome you to seat you. If you want to have a direct view on the mentioned castle and cathedral, the best place to take is this:

_MG_5248   _MG_5251

If you sit at the bar, you get unlimited amount of water seasoned with different fruits as well – the barman will top your glass up each time you finish it off. And of course you get to admire the big colourful bar :)

_MG_5252   _MG_5254

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In summer you can have an even better view with direct sun on the terrace.

Now this is the bar where you arrive if you turn left when going out from the elevator. That is however not the only terrace the Sky bar offers. If you want to be seated even higher, ask for a table in the top terrace – you’ll get there if you take the stairs which appear in front of you when the elevator doors open. This area is available only during summer though.


And what is the view like in the night? Well something like this :)

DSC02363   DSC02362


Even though this place is well-known mostly for its vodkas, when we are here, we always take one of their cocktails. Martini Espresso is one of our favourites. The fact they don’t have it on the menu anymore but are always happy to prepare it reassures us that the service is super pro-client oriented. It is the left drink with coffee beans on the top. The combination of coffee smell, orange zest and vanilla vodka is simply pure heaven :)

Since we found out they also have the non-alcoholic version of it – Schekarato – that is what we sometimes take when we need a coffee boost during the day. It looks the same (picture on the left), but missing the alcohol substance. Fans of fruity and sweeter drinks will have loads of options here, too! Sky bar also offers many fresh lemonades. We love the strawberry & lychee one – a top choice for refreshing :)

In Sky Bar, they have two different menus – a “Modern European” and an “Authentic Thai” one. Both include soups, starters, salads and main dishes – with fish, meat or vegetarian options. When we come here, it is usually for the atmosphere and the view, drinks or sweets, not for the food specifically. Even though the meals look very appealing to the eye, the tastes unfortunately do not even out the visual and the overall food experience is not as impressive as we always think it could be.

If you are a fan of desserts, definitely try some here. What we tried and can recommend is the dark chocolate brownie with a white chocolate mousse, caramelized nuts and mango sorbet, and a mango cheesecake with almonds, coconut milk and lyche sauce. Heaven there.

Dark chocolate brownie with a white chocolate mousse, caramelized nuts and mango sorbet   A mango cheesecake with almonds and sauce of coconut milk and lyche

Fascinating view, great cocktails and coffee, delicious food and welcoming service – that’s what you’re going to find in the Sky bar.


One of the videos we found on Internet which can bring you into the atmosphere of what it is like in the Sky bar. Enjoy!

Author: Maria Kecsoova

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