photo credits: Ksenia Zhukova

With spring bringing warmer temperatures, it’s our chance to admire cherry blossoms at parks, take nature-filled walks and enjoy lazy hanging outs at outdoor tables. Everything feels more positive, smells more divine and looks more beautiful with more sun, warmth and colorful surroundings. We love nature and couldn’t wait for this time of the year to finally come – and here are our favorite places to feel the real spring’s really arrived!

Medicka Garden

Garden of Janko Kral

Hviezdoslav’s Square

(source: instagram.com/chudik.martin)

photo credits: Ksenia Zhukova

Rybne Square

Hurbanovo Square

Safarikovo Square

Presidential Garden

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Freedom Square

Blue Church

Ondrejsky Cemetery


(source: instagram.com/melinagotika; instagram.com/enjoyyourtravelling)

The Castle

photo credits: Ksenia Zhukova

Bratislava Castle’s Garden

(source: Gizela Bartkova-Facebook)

Author: Maria Kecsoova