Would you like to learn to speak Slovak? What is a better time than trying your luck in summer when everything blossoms, the city is full of people and everybody feels like they have twice as much energy?

Now you can learn and practice Slovak language in the close suburbs of Bratislava, in the beautiful Modra town, at the Summer University of Slovak Language and Culture 2019 which is organised by the institute for foreign participants of the Comenius University since 1990.

WHEN: 30 June – 19 July 2019 (arrival and registration 30 June 2019)


  • foreign applicants who are interested in studying Slovak language, history, and culture, compatriots living abroad, descendants of Slovaks living abroad, friends of Slovakia and Slovaks, Slovakists and students of Slavic studies, university workers and students of Slovakistics and Slavic studies at foreign universities, teachers of Slovak language at foreign schools of all types, and foreign workers at various institutions and cultural institutions

You can choose from 3 programs:

During the 3-week intense course of Slovak language and culture you will have the opportunity to gain or improve communication skill in Slovak language and to broaden your knowledge in the area of Slovak linguistics, literature, history and culture. The lessons will be taught by qualified and experienced lectors of Slovak language as a foreign language with years of experience and by the experts in the fields of art, culture, and sports.

There are language seminars at all language levels from beginners to advanced students prepared for you, as well as specialized seminars and expert lectures. A rich program of extracurricular activities include workshops (folk dance, drama, literary interpretation of a text, singing, creative writing, photography, and movie), Bratislava city tour, Modra city tour and visit of surrounding Small Carpathians places, presentation of Slovak art (movies, performances of art groups, visit of exhibitions, concerts etc.), all-day excursions in factories and scientific centres, meetings with Slovak writers, artists and other significant people of Slovak art, culture, and sport, sport activities and a three-day trip through Slovak regions (cultural and historical sights — towns, castles, museums, caves, and other interesting places).

Deadline for applications is 15th May 2019.

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After receiving the application you will be contacted.

The Course of Slovak Language and Culture for Compatriots and the Course of Slovak Language and Specialized Subjects for Compatriots — High School Graduates are fully financed by scholarship of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. 

More information about the event can be found at this webpage.

Author: Maria Kecsoova



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