Why bother going out to shop at retail stores that may only have select brands when you can shop online and choose specialty tea from anywhere in the world? Drinking tea has been an important element of a healthy way of living in many countries since ancient times, and it can also be a very pleasant, relaxing but also unique experience. This list of the best online tea stores brings you the finest teas from mystical places all over the world. Find your perfect tea today in the suggested tea e-shops!

The first and oldest tea shop in Slovakia

This e-shop was founded in 2002, focused on selling top tea, tea accessories and herbs. They provide relevant information from personal meetings with tea experts in China, India, Nepal and Japan. Facebook page.

Enjoy a cup of tea with style

Ecajovna.sk chooses carefully from excellent and verified suppliers. As a customer of Ecajovna.sk e- shop, you have the possibility to order tea in the morning and in the evening you can already enjoy it at your home! With each order, you will also receive an instruction manual of how to drink your tea properly. This e-shop offers also the possibility to order a few small tea packages for you to taste and try delicious tea that you have never tried before.

Tea shop and tea room

In addition to a large number of tea items that can be ordered online, you can enjoy a cup of your favourite tea at this Tea room located in Nitra. The “Tea Room of Good People” belongs to the oldest in Slovakia. It is also called the “Small Himalayan Tea house” due to its unique design and atmosphere. In addition to tea, you will also find advice and articles on this topic, as well as information on various activities and lectures.

Drinking tea with experience

Tee.sk offers a tea selection of black tea, Pu Erh, green tea, jasmine and much more. On their website you can also find herbal products, amazon herbs, coffee, spices, aromatherapy and tea accessories. If you are suffering from both psychical and physical illness, tee.sk will take you the most effective way to help you in the treatment of various diseases. They select only verified suppliers with many years of experience and therefore can offer you a truly outstanding quality of products.

Over 440 different products

Sypanecaje.sk specializes in the sale of high quality tea from around the world. This online shop started in 2006 with opening of a tea room in Topoľčany. In 2010, they started selling products online. Nowadays, they offer over 440 different types of teas and herbs and they are constantly expanding. In the online store, you buy what you need – simply, quickly and without stress, from the peace and quiet of your home. No registration, no prepayment required. You pay for goods in cash only after you receive them.

Take a break, relax and learn to enjoy a cup of quality tea

DreamTea e-shop offers tea as well as different accessories for preparing this irresistible drink. The delicately prepared combinations of loose fruit teas found in the e-shop offer guarantee the excellent taste. The tea offer also includes the sale of various green teas. You can also purchase functional and purely natural bamboo products which can be found in the accessories category. All at reasonable prices!

The right way to invest in your health

Drinking tea has been an important element of a healthy way of life in many countries since ancient times and therefore in the offer of caje.sk you can find over 500 different kinds of quality teas. Most of their green and black teas come from China, Japan and Indian production, which are actually the largest. However, you can find here also tea coming from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Vietnam, and Kenya. We would also mention the African jewel Rooibos, South American Mate and Lapacho, Amazonian teas and last but not least some of the favourite herbal teas from different parts of the world.

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A tea which suits your taste

Sales of loose tea and the operation of a tea room have been running in Spišská Nová Ves for six years. Their tea offer includes teas from Japan, South America, Europe and South Africa. The e-shop of cajesveta.sk also offers a possibility of tea subscription which works on a prepaid monthly tea delivery. Choose from two subscription options – tea subscriptions and super tea subscriptions. Experienced tea room staff will choose tea according to your taste, so you can just enjoy the cup of tea from the comfort of your home.

Medicinal plants grown locally

Medicinal plants which are in the offer of AGROKARPATY, s.r.o. in Plavnica, are grown in the environmentally unloaded area of Pieniny and Magura under the High Tatras. The same applies to wild-growing plants and forest fruits. All products are clean, without artificial flavors and colors, therefore the human organism responds positively to them. In the process of preparing the composition of tea blends are the leading experts from the field of phytotherapy from Košice, Nitra, Bratislava, Brno and Uzhgorod.

Author: Nikola Babjakova


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