So happy each time a message like this is found in our inbox. Thank you for all the nice words – they are those things that drive us to write further :) Here are some of your testimonials.

“Ahojte Maria & Zuzana, my name is Yuri, I’m a 25 year-old lad, I’ve recently arrived in Bratislava from São Paulo (Brazil), a city where over 23 million people dispute parking spaces, bus seats and other petty endeavors of the daily life. I’ve been living here in Bratislava for the past 4 months and I’m loving it all – the passionate old streets, the city castle standing tall on the hill, how cosy and small the city is in comparison to what I’m used to! So much green everywhere! Anyways, while exploring the city I found your website and I gotta say it’s amazing! welcometobratislava.eu has become my “map” to discover Bratislava so I’d like to thank you both very much for your work! Hoping that soon enough I’ll be able to speak fluent Slovak and maybe help contributing with you in this website to cherish and discover the city that we all learned to love so much!” (Yuri, Brazil)

I’m living in Bratislava for 9 months already and I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful page!! It helped me in so many ways and situations and if I’m spending the weekend alone and have no idea what to do – there’s always a great advice. Due to your tips I guess I’ve visited Bratislava from its very best sides! I really love the way you’re writing and the photos are great! And I really like the new layout ;D Go on, girls – your hints are heartly appreciated!“ (Caro, Germany)

“Many thanks for such a great project. I moved to Slovakia a few months ago and as my Slovak is only coffee order level, I was looking for something like that for a long time. I will for sure join some international events in Bratislava!“ (Ekaterina, Russia)

“We are visiting Bratislava shortly and have been reading your blog that is so full of useful tips. We really appreciate your help and we will return to your website many times before and during our trip to Bratislava. Thank you for taking the time to reply and best of luck with your very cool project! “ (Dan, UK)

“I am a tour guide in Bratislava and I have to admit that you have created a very nice webpage about Bratislava. Your site is really very inspiring and I think it can be great help for tourists coming to visit our city!” (Sona, Slovakia)

I have read so much useful information on your website, I wanted to thank you. Your website is easy to navigate and also very friendly, which I appreciate. Dakujem! (Halli, Denmark)

„A very useful Bratislava travel guide. Congratulations. We will certainly go to the recommended Slovak pubs!“ (Izola, Slovenia)

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…coming to Bratislava for a few days, I was looking for local tips and I found your website… I like a lot the way you describe and show things of this beautiful city… I think I’ll have something to read for the next days ;-) Greetings from Italy!(Emanuele, Italy)

“Dear Maria & Zuzana! I dare to contact you ladies, because your blog is so welcoming. Thank You so much, your blog has a beautiful layout and is full with fantastic advice! We are visiting Bratislava soon. Your blog helps us tremendously with our travel plans! Thank You! My travel partner needs a gluten free diet, your blog helps us with that, too. Thank You!” (Maria, Spain)

“I’ve just read your section Humans of Bratislava because it featured a friend of mine. I liked it so then I went to check all the other interviews. I really like the questions that you ask because it also allowed me to learn a bit more about Slovaks and how they think, especially the certain type of people that I rarely connect with. And some tips people give are pretty valuable. So thanks and keep up the good work!” (Mino, Slovakia)

“Congratulations on this website! I was really shocked to find out it was only few people behind the whole project! And moreover, you don’t even do it professionally but on your spare time! Being a marketing professional, I must say I am amazed that you have a much more professional website than some official institutions dealing with tourism in Slovakia! A really great job!”  (Renata, Slovakia)

Me and a friend of mine will come to your town soon and because I wanted to explore Bratislava without encountering only stag-seeking tourists, I asked my Slovak colleague from work for help and she forwarded me the link to your webpage. And I really enjoy reading through, looking at the nice pics, lucidly arranged, and I appreciate the irony in some texts. Now I am even more looking forward to visit the Slovak capital! :) (Martin, Germany)

“Ahoj Maria, ahoj Zuzana, thank you very much for your website. In our opinion this is exactly what an international in Bratislava needs. We struggled to find information on the Internet during our first year in Bratislava as it was mainly in Slovak. And we really appreciate all the work and effort you put in this project, especially the monthly activities and the specials (for example lakes around Bratislava). It is well researched and well presented and we recommend the website to other international friends a lot!” (Anne & Florian)

“V prvom rade by som Vám chcela napísať, že máte môj veľký obdiv za aktivitu, ktorú robíte. Nepoznala som Vašu stránku, upozornil ma na ňu len včerajší článok. Patrím k tej generácii (53r.), ktorej angličtina a “online live style” nebola dostupná, tak s veľkým ocenením sledujem, ako dokážete prispievať k lepšiemu prostrediu a životu, a byť integrálnou súčasťou všetkých týchto aktivít s vlastným osobným príbehom. Som rodená Bratislavčanka a dlhodobo ma oficiálna propagácia mesta privádzala k smútku. Veľká vďaka za Vaše aktivity a aj pomoc nám, native Bratislavčanom.” (Andrea, Slovenka)




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