Waffles are always good news – cover them in chocolate sauce, berries, or top them with maple syrup. They are happiness on a plate.

We should mention that waffles are not the most common thing in Bratislava and there are only a few places that serve this tasty treat. We searched high and low for the waffle places in our city. Check out our ultimate waffle guide on where to go to have nice waffles in Bratislava. It’s time to ditch your bowl of fruit, and order waffles instead!


Kapucino is a lovely coffee place that serves amazing waffles – with whipped cream, chocolate and forest berries dusted with powdered sugar. Apart from this, they also started to serve them with their amazing gelato! We think these waffles are the best in town! When making them, they follow the Brussels waffle  recipe and as a result, you can expect perfectly tender dough, lightly crispy on the outside, with amazing fragrance. The waffles are a newbie on the Kapucino’s menu but it seems they won’t be only a seasonal winter thing but a permanent team member thanks to their success.

This place is also known for Italian coffee, authentic Italian gelato and the biggest macarons in Bratislava. They have very attentive service which makes you feel like aristocracy in the beautiful pastel colored feminine premises.

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This place’s specialization are waffles! This means you can choose different kinds of dough (including vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, almond or other) and numerous sauces and toppings to go with them (like Belgian nougat, Belgian caramel, salty caramel or pistachio cream and many others). Pure waffle heaven! The dough is made following the Liege waffle recipe. As a result, these waffles are denser and more crispy. As per the legend, in the mid 1800’s, the Bishop-Prince of Liege, Belgium grew tired of his usual breakfast brioche and asked his chef to prepare something new. Just before baking, he put the sugar pearls that were normally on the outside of the finished brioche into the dough directly. His result was a warm waffle coated with caramelized sugar!

La maison des waffles is situated on the ground floor of the Cubicon shopping mall, outside of the city center. We miss a calm and hygge atmosphere here due to this open location within a shopping center. On the other side, we love the number of options you can choose from to build “your perfect waffle”.

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Pan Kralicek is a lovely hipster hangout in the proximity of the Nivy bus station. They offer three kinds of waffle dough (vanilla, nut and gluten-free) with three kinds of toppings (banana&chocolate, maple syrup&nuts and berries) and with whipped cream, following the Liege waffle recipe. In general, we loved the waffles here! Just don’t order the gluten-free ones if you don’t have to – these are very dry and have no taste. The rest are great :)

What else is Pan Kralicek known for? Coffee, clearly! They offer just two coffee brands – one basic and one specialty. Big deal comes with choosing the method of coffee brewing. They have all those classic ones and also some special ones, according to the season. For example, for the summer time they don’t only have our beloved affogato (with a scoop of Madagascan vanilla ice cream that is smothered by coffee, yum! :), inverted iced cappuccino, but also cold brew or cold cascara.  Or try something brand new – like nitro. This is coffee cold-brewed in large barrels for more than twelve hours, with white foam on the top reminding a draft beer!

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Koun is known for making one of the best gelato in Bratislava. Its ice-cream became a cult here – with the flavors changing  daily, and always offering something exciting such as muscat wine and wild strawberries or cream and salted peanuts.  

This is another place in Bratislava where the waffles are served with ice-cream! They are one of Koun’s seasonal specialties, mostly during the winter time, so if you head up here only because of waffles, rather contact them in advance to check if they are still on the menu. You can choose one scoop from the daily offer ice-creams and the topping. While we did not enjoy the waffle’s dough that much (it tasted a bit powdery), we liked the overall combination with the ice-cream.

Eating waffles in Koun’s premises is an experience on its own. Bright walls and a natural wood-beam ceiling give this large space a modern, very hip feel that is made delightful by the large cotton clouds and ice-cream cones floating above. The artwork and other details such as fresh flowers are truly charming.

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Bratislava is not only the Old Town. So if you are not here only for a couple of days but live here, get outside of your comfort zone and explore its other city parts. And if you love waffles, Devinska Nova Ves should be on your radar. It hosts a lovely local coffee shop Penny Coffea which has pretty awesome waffles on its menu! Usually they offer two seasonal specialties plus have an option to build your own waffle. On top of that, they organize waffle weekend events when you can come and try some of their waffle specials. We tried amazing cinnamon waffles with vanilla cream, pears and almonds and vanilla waffles with chocolate&baileys sauce, pineapple and whipped cream. They were both delicious and quite huge, so we had problems to finish them.

What we liked about this charming coffee shop is its local character. Most of the visitors were regulars, bringing a special community character to the place. The personnel is very nice and attentive and makes you feel like at home. The premises are beautifully furnished, with a huge attention for detail – you will find many lovely decorations around. Plus, they regularly organize live music evenings with piano or jazz music or various handcraft workshops!

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