A new bar & restaurant in the very city center with a luxurious look! Although the Velvet is aiming to attract mainly ladies (while its “sister” Old Fashioned Bar on Laurinska Street is suited mainly for gents), the male part of our team was not disappointed at all. The designers of the Velvet’s concept had travelled around the globe, looking for inspiration. They found it in the best and most stylish bars, mostly in New York and London. Curious about what they brought to Bratislava?


You can easily find Velvet on the SNP Square in the city center. The dim lights and luxurious armchairs visible by the windows will make sure that you don’t miss it. The closest tram stop is Námestie SNP but Velvet is also walking distance from Obchodna Street and just around the corner from Michael’s Gate.


The breathtaking interior is a mixture of styles – mainly Art-deco and classic British fancy style, but you will also find a big wall here with other styles (note the LaChapelle pictures!).

The Velvet

Sure, maximalism is visible everywhere. The whole bar is divided into several areas (lounges). There is a special “Ladies lounge” which is a small VIP lounge with a lot of fancy pillows where ladies can sip their champagne. That space can actually be separated with velvet curtains in case of a small bachelorette party that wants to remain undisturbed.

The Velvet

On the opposite side, there is the Gentlemen’s area with dark leather and velvet as the main materials used and a large bookcase filled with English classics. Have a look at the pictures of dogs in uniforms here – they’re pretty cool.

There are only natural materials used in the interior – velvet (hence the name), leather and wood – no plastic whatsoever. Luxurious and opulent elements are always in contrast with something that disrupts the style – like a giant disco ball among the glossy crystal chandeliers. By the way, the disco ball is the biggest one in the city and highlights the hidden details once it’s turned on.

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Not everything in Velvet is visible at first sight. You might need to come here two or three times to appreciate the subtle details. Like the golden rooster on the range hood in the kitchen. Or the head of an elephant looking at the chef’s work. And our favourite is the wall with a beautiful wallpaper with varicoloured autumn leaves. However, once you come closer…  it’s for adults only!

Let us also mention the music – they play the “concept breaking“ music which is usually the 80’s and 90’s American hip hop. Yes, this might indeed not correspond with the classic English fancy style but creates the perfect atmosphere. They know what they’re doing. And there is even more – on Fridays and Saturdays there’s a DJ playing on the stage. Even though Velvet is not a disco club and DJ is only there to enhance the atmosphere, guests are allowed to boogie if they feel like dancing.

Last but not least, and this might sound weird, use the restroom! So stylish.


The Velvet bar is a cocktail place that offers 28 signature cocktails – twists on the classics as well as their own signature cocktails, each of them served in a specific glass and with a special service. What is unusual in the cocktail world – they do not use lemon juice at all. Some of the cocktails are even draught ones! Have a negroni from the tap! The cocktails are divided into 2 menus – 20 are on the regular cocktail menu  (4 of them being non-alcoholic) and additional 8 cocktails are on the food menu where these are combined with meals.

As Velvet is focused on the female clientele, they offer a very nice selection of champagnes. However, they can satisfy any gentleman as well, thanks to their collection of 100 types of whiskey and bourbon.

The Velvet

We suggest trying their special cocktail named Suppa – Duppa that consists of Tanqueray No.10 Gin, Mango purée, a Mogo-Mogo tea and a Yuzu (citrus) foam.

The Velvet

In case Mogo-Mogo and Yuzu makes you hungry, a part of the Velvet bar is actually a restaurant which works as an international brasserie. That means you can find meals from several different cuisines here – ranging from Italian risotto, Thai green curry, to English/American classic burgers and steaks. They apply the same rules to food as well as drinks – the main focus is on the way everything’s served. For example, a starter dish Vitello Tonnato is served on a broken plate. We found it really unexpected and innovative.

The Velvet

Bonus, you say? How about being “part of the kitchen”? The chef bar is an open kitchen where guests can sit right next to the tables where the chef prepares the food. They can watch the whole process, chat with the chef and get served by him. This is the best way how to make sure that the chef is using fresh ingredients, right?

The Velvet

Needless to say – a fancy bar, fancy prices. Don’t expect to have a night on budget here. There is no way of cheating by ordering the cheapest meal out of the menu, as price-wise, there are no variations among the dishes. Velvet boasts with luxury and attracts wealthier crowd. We have a few words to say about the customer service from the hostesses who were not very welcoming during our visits and about their special reservation system that confuses the guests a bit. Let’s hope they work on this in order to become the full package of unforgettable experiences.

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Author: Martin Komloš, Photo credits: Ksenia Zhukova


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