The biggest love experiment is starting on this Valentine’s Day and lasting for the whole year!


We already wrote about the famous House of Marina and Epicentre of Love located in beautiful Banská Štiavnica (170 km from Bratislava) within our Banská Štiavnica weekend itinerary. This museum is dedicated to the world’s longest love poem Marína written by an excellent Slovak writer Andrej Sládkovič. Banská Štiavnica is the place where he fell in love with his muse Marína. The poem reflects on their unfulfilled love and since we have read it many times and just love it, we had goosebumps seeing this interactive exhibition with talking portraits or manuscript. And it hosts the first genuine Love Bank in the world!



The Love Bank is the first safe in the world where people can store in a Love Box the most precious thing – Love. Love Bank has been created from the verses of the World’s longest love poem – the poem Marína, which is officially inscribed as a unique world record in the World Record Academy. As the poem Marína consists of 2,900 verses and 100,000 characters, there are 100,000 Love Boxes (one for each character) Inside the Love Boxes, people from all over the world keep photos, mementoes and other items symbolising their love. Banská Štiavnica is now the new Verona, Marína and Sládkovič are the new Romeo and Juliet.


”Last year, when we found out the LOVE BANK had started up, we knew we had to go there. We placed our wedding photo in a Love Box. And just like so many other people we also believe the World’s longest love poem will protect our love the longest. We hope, forever.” Veronika and Andrej from Slovakia said.

In 2018, the first real Love Bank in the world captured the attention of the media in 70 countries of the world. That’s why it has now decided to start the world’s biggest LOVE EXPERIMENT. It is their attempt to help 100,000 people, from across the globe, to find their true love.


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The love experiment is starting on Valentine’s Day 2019 and lasts for a year.
People behind the experiment believe that the vast treasure of real love, hidden in the poem, has magical powers to make loving wishes come true.

How can people from all over the world join the experiment? It couldn’t be easier:

1. Fill in the form with your love wish and send it to to the Love Bank.
2. They will then discretely print your love wish, roll it carefully up and place it in the Love Bank, created from the verses of the World’s longest love poem.
3. From then on, the power of love hidden in the World’s longest love poem will act on your wish to make it happen as quickly as possible.
4. Love Experiment starts on Valentine’s Day 2019. They will constantly evaluate progress and publish on their website, whenever the wishes come true, how long this takes, where in the world, and all other interesting developments.
5. They will publish the final assessment of the World’s biggest Love Experiment in one year, on Valentine’s Day 2020. This significant date will mark the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Marína Pischlová and Andrej Sládkovič.

Watch a video about the experiment here.

The Maximum number of Love Experiment’s participants is limited to 100,000. Love Experiment is free. Anyone seeking love can join up to 100,000 people from all over the world. So if you are looking for love, join in now.

If you want to explore beauties of Banská Štiavnica, we recommend this full day tour from Bratislava or this UNESCO day tour with getyourguide service. Both are great options if you fly to Bratislava but still want to explore the rest of Slovakia.



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