Here is a list of typical Slovak things to try in Bratislava – Slovak food to taste, beverages to drink and souvenirs to look for.
Get inspired and have fun!

Characteristic things for Slovakia

1. Eat bryndzove halusky, the Slovak traditional meal.

Bryndzové halušky

2. Drink Zlatý bažant, the most known Slovak beer.

Zlatý bažant
3. Have a shot of slivovica, our typical alcohol with plum flavor, or try some of our traditional spirits.

Slovak traditional spirits
4. Try Kofola, the Czechoslovak version of Coca-Cola (with a touch of ginger).

5. Savor the Bratislava roll, a small sweet treat which comes with a poppy seed or crashed nuts flavor.

Bratislava roll   Bratislava roll

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6. Try korbáčik, a special cheese looking like a small whip that comes from one Slovak region.

Korbáčiky - Slovak cheese

7. Taste trdelník, a sweet pastry common to be served on open markets (you can’t buy it in a shop).


8. Examples of typical Slovak souvenirs:

  • dolls dressed in traditional garbs (usually made from husk)
  • a wooden shepherd’s pipe, whistle or hatchet
  • brass bells
  • painted ceramics
  • bottles of Slovak spirits (slivovica or hruskovica) or medovina (special alcohol made from honey).

Examples of Slovak souvenirs Examples of Slovak souvenirs

Examples of Slovak souvenirs Examples of Slovak souvenirs

Author: Maria Kecsoova


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