Follow the current happenings! This article gives a preview of top selected events in Bratislava.

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Have fun with friends at Wild Thing Karaoke Bar 20.- 22.8.

Get the drinks in, pick a song and start belting: we’ve found the best bar in Bratislava to do karaoke! Wild Thing Karaoke Bar provides good fun with a stage and singing space open for everyone ready to sing, as well as those who just want to take a seat and enjoy the pleasant surroundings with good drinks and live music. More details in our article.

La Jana & Her Cats at Eurovea Square 21.8.

Nothing better than jazz next to the river bank. A jazz quartet is going to play some standard pieces in an untraditional way. Free admission. More info

InterNations Bratislava August event at Simply 22.8.

Come to the InterNations monthly event at Simply Kaviaren and don’t miss a chance to network in a great venue close to the Presidential palace where you’ll get to enjoy some great wines from Slovakia. More info

Symphony about the Earth – Viva Musica! festival 22.8.

In September 2019 the director, screenplay writer, traveller, and internationally most successful Slovak documentary-maker Pavol Barabáš will celebrate a “round-year jubilee”. On this occasion the organisers of the Viva Musica! festival in cooperation with Michal Novinski have decided to prepare a special concert, which via music and video materials from his films will bring visitors on a journey round the world: from the bowels of our Earth to the highest snow-covered peaks, from the green jungles to the frozen, inhospitable poles, from unknown lands to the High Tatras, from extreme adventure to the meditation and philosophy of other cultures. Barabáš lives in stories that are played out far from civilisation, beyond the frontier of the known. For some decades he has been recording his view of our planet in his documentaries, for which he has received many awards throughout the world. More info

Uprising Festival 23.-24.8.

This festival is a staple in Bratislava. The main focus is on reggae but there’s much more to it – dancehall, ska, dnb, latino, hip-hop. More info and the line up

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Gypsy Bashavel at Devin Castle 24.8.

This festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary and they have prepared the best from their culture, lots of music and other activities. All that at Devín Castle. Admission 10 EUR. More info

Indonesian Day 24.8.

If you are fond of Indonesian culture, come to this event to find out more about their cuisine, the technique of batik or even martial arts. More info

Little Wine Street in Pezinok 24.8. 

Wine, cheese and other goodies and good music. Enough said. You need to buy a starting package of 11 EUR and within that you get a glass and 10 tickets for sampling different wines. More info

Swing dancing at Sad Janka Krala 22.8.

Want to release your energy in a new way? Come to a swing class! They will teach you the basics and you can practice afterwards, all that in the beautiful setting of the oldest park in Central Europe. More info

Folk Crafts 24.-25.8.

If you belong to those people who can appreciate hand-made gems, you should definitely come to the Cerveny Kamen Castle to see the carpenters, glassblowers, tinkeres, potters and many more. There’ll be entertainment for kids as well. More info

Chamber Concerts in the Botanical Garden 25.8.

Music Club Kamel in cooperation with the Botanical Garden invites you to this event to enjoy the romantic ambience of the garden in combination with the tones of the masters of our music scene. It will surely be an unforgettable experience for all senses. More info

Night full of Stars on the Danube 25.8.

The UFO watch.taste.groove. in cooperation with the experts from the Astronomy Club Bratislava prepared the experience of stargazing from the observation platform 95 meters above the river. Admission – 7 EUR. More info

Author: Nikola Babjakova

NOTE: Some of the featured pictures come from the Facebook pages of the mentioned events.


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