Coming to Bratislava and wondering what useful phrases might be essential to learn upfront? Here are some tips for you in order not to get lost, be able to greet people, ask for help or get by in a restaurant. Good luck! :)

General greetings

Ano Yes
Nie No
Mozno Maybe
Ahoj! Hi! & Bye! (casual way, greeting 1 person)
Ahojte! Hi! & Bye! (casual way, greeting more people)
Dobry den! Hello! (polite way)
Dovidenia! Good-bye! (polite way)
Prepacte Sorry
Dakujem Thank you
Prosim Please/You are welcome

In a bar/club

Ako sa volas? What’s your name?
Ja som.. My name is..
Kolko mas rokov? How old are you?
Chces tancovat? Wanna dance?
Skvele Great
Vyzeras vyborne You look fantastic
Pacis sa mi I like you

On the street

Kde je..? Where is..?
Potrebujem pomoc I need help
Rozumiete? Do you understand?
Nerozumiem po slovensky I don’t understand Slovak
Hovorite po anglicky? Do you speak English?
Nerozumiem I don’t understand

In a restaurant

Mozeme si objednat? Can we order, please?
Mozem mat.. Can I have..
Bolo to vyborne! It was delicious!
Ucet, prosim! The bill, please!

Author: Maria Kecsoova

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