Vrakuna Forest Park is a popular and sought-after place by all generations in the city part Vrakuna, 20 minutes away from the city center. A relaxation zone for families, couples or individuals. Come with your friends or your four-legged pets for a walk, take your bike or just relax in the green scenery without distractions!


Vrakuna is a city part of Bratislava lying on both banks of the Little Danube. It was originally part of the Bratislava castle estate. Its settlement is likely to take place back in the early Middle Ages! It lies to the east of the center of the capital, on the road leading to the Zitny ostrov. Nearby is the Avion shopping center, not far from the Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport. Trams 202 and 212 go that direction and the ride takes approximately 20 min from the city center.


The Vrakuna Forest Park (lesopark) is a popular and sought-after place by all generations. It is the perfect relaxation zone for families, couples or individuals. Whether you come with your friends or your four-legged pets, you will clear your mind and will not be distracted by any tourists or crowds – mostly locals come here.


If you start at the nearby parking lot, walk a little along the river and you will get to a symbolic blue bridge. You will definitely not miss – and will need it to continue, as it connects Vrakuna – the city part – with the forest park.

Cyclists will be happy to hear that the basic pavement in the forest park was widened – and a bike trail was added.

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It is however a pleasure to just walk around as the scenery is really beautiful and you can see that the municipality takes care of the area. They gradually construct booths for the birds, with the aim to protect the natural life in the free environment of the forest park.


Parents like to bring their little ones to the children’s zone – a slide, a swing, a mini climbing wall, a carousel, a sandpit as well as a small shelter are of disposal for free. Right now the municipality plans to build public toilets in the area, too. Please remember that no dogs are allowed to this area.


Thematic theater performances and summer exercises are organized here regularly. For the actual happenings, please check their website (in Slovak only).


Next to the children’s playground, there is a field where adults can work out with their own weight. The built-in tools are available all year long. On top of that, the little ones will be able to have fun at the pump track of size 25×20 meters.

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