Imagine this – you are on your way down from Bratislava’s castle, cheerfully continuing in a never-ending debate with your friends whether Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed brought the most horrendous release of metal music or not, and all the walking and talking parched your throats. Yay! You just need to find an ideal place to get refreshed then! Zámocký pivovar with its own beer brewed here and wide food options will welcome thirsty and hungry visitors right beneath the castle! :)


The entrance to Zámocký pivovar (translated as Castle brewery) will appear on your left hand side when walking down Zámocká Street, away from the castle. It is the last big building, no chance of missing it. You will for sure notice “a smokers’ garden” and the entrance, with its impressive beer tanks inside.


The place is indeed generous – it offers 200 seats overall on two floors, plus a smokers’ garden for another 30 thirsty people. So it should not be a problem to find a spot, even if you are with a bigger group. The first floor is rather a restaurant, the second floor rather a pub, but you will get a drink and a meal on both floors. And you can bet that classic rock music is heard everywhere!

Zamocky pivovar  Zamocky pivovar

Zamocky pivovar  Zamocky pivovar


You can expect a solid, somewhat sweeter beer of their own production, brewed in this place since 2011. Choose from the classics –  a light and dark one, or from the specials – semi-dark, ALE, Keller, Vienna lager or Bock.

Very thirsty? Then order a “beer tower” which is built from 6 beers of your choice. Very sober? Order pivovica, alcohol made out of beer. Very hungry? This pub is very proud of their kitchen, offering great variety of meals, from burgers, grilled ribs or wings, beef tartar, steaks, sausages, to salads. Or maybe you want to try something more traditional like huspenina (pork aspic) and halušky (our traditional meal) – all freshly made. If you feel too energized after all that eating and drinking, simply release your energy by playing football on the first floor.

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(source: Zamocky pivovar Facebook)

Big thanks to Evka, our External Beer Consultant!

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