The kingdom of cakes. This place is one of our best findings! Warm personnel, excellent home-made cakes and pastries, perfect coffee, beautiful souvenirs – Zeppelin cafe is definitely an amazing spot to have a rest while enjoying some really good treats. A must-stop during your visit!


You can find the Zeppelin cafe very easily as it is right next to the Main square, one of our main tourist sights with the Old Town Hall. Its cute exterior is easy to notice and the big boards above the main windows might be helpful as well :)

Zeppelin cafe and souvenirs


The minute you enter, you will be warmly welcomed by one of the very friendly girls behind the main bar. Actually the first thing you will see after coming in are the many cakes displayed in the main bar window – just can’t help it! That first room is quite spacious and the majority of its space is occupied by souvenirs of all kinds and pastries, but there are a couple of places to sit down as well.

Zeppelin cafe - interior

The spot next to the big window is pretty comfy – and you get to see the busy street as well. We really like the details which you can see everywhere. From the pictures on the walls to the lamps, flowers or newspapers. The combination of all this various decor creates a comfortable ambience and you feel like sitting in a nice living room – just with tons of cakes around :)

But this is not where your journey ends. There are two more rooms in the back with more seating available. The middle room has the most tables and it literally looks like teleported from a fairy tale. The white and coral pink walls go perfectly with the wooden furniture. And the best are the decorations hanging on the walls. A great place to hide in the morning if you want to enjoy your breakfast without being disturbed :)

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A room life from a fairy tale

The last room offers even more privacy as it is in the very back of the cafe with only a few tables. We can imagine it as a nice place to take your date here – ah, and did we mention there is another small bar full of cakes and tarts? :)

The items you can see all over the place are not just decorations, if you like something, you can also buy it.

If you are looking for the traditional magnet souvenirs, you probably should find another place. Zeppelin is nothing like the standard souvenir shops. You can obviously get the local spirits and products here, but it is more like a presentation of all kinds of beautiful things which you wouldn’t even think of getting without finding them here.

And naturally, a selection of typical Slovak hand-made ceramics can’t be missing either :)

Typical Slovak hand-made ceramics


As we already mentioned, Zeppelin cafe is the kingdom of cakes. Let us just say that they have their own bakery where the delicious cakes are baked all day long. There are 4 ladies that take constant care of the baking – and that’s why the cakes don’t just look like made by your grandma, they also taste like from your grandma :)

This is one of our favorites, the healthy carrot cake which goes perfectly with their cappuccino – and yes, it has just the right amount of foam… Yummy.

Zeppelin café is one of the rather rare places where you can buy the traditional Bratislava rolls – which are pastries with poppy seed or crashed nut filling. Something you should try during your visit for sure!

Bratislava rolls, macarons and other cookies

Their cakes are so popular that they started an e-shop where you can order each of them for your own consumption. Click, wait 48 hours, pick up and enjoy :)

Home-made cookies   Home-made cookies

If you asked us which cakes we recommend to try, our first answer would be: the apple pie with sweet egg white foam. Full of raisins, nuts, crispy almonds and cinnamon. What else to add? No wonder it is their most popular cake :) And then of course, the carrot cake! It even made it to our list of the best carrot cakes in Bratislava :)

The amazing apple pie with sweet egg white foam   The healthy carrot cake

Despite being located in the very heart of the city center, Zeppelin cafe has very reasonable prices which means you get a great deal as the quality you get is high. You won’t regret a cent you spend here. And you will definitely remember this place for a long time :)

Author: Maria Kecsoova

my-account ADDRESS: Sedlárska 10
OPEN HOURS: Check their FB page
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